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Galveston: A History and a Guide Essay

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Galveston: A History and a Guide is primary a reading that introduces the history of this Texan territory as well as to how that particular history affect the said area’s present status. It also correlates it to the direct effect of the said history towards the entire American society today. Likely, the cultures and traditions of the said area in Texas had been clearly shown though this reading in an aim of bringing Texas towards the others who may have never known it yet.

A clear picturesque of the Galveston is hosted through this reading through the use of pictures, maps and other overwhelmingly descriptive phrases that aim to make a connection between people who know the place and all the others who do not. Author Information Who else would be able to describe a certain area other than the one who has actually experienced living in it? This is the actual case of David McComb.

As a professor of history, McComb managed to author four major books that are pertaining to the Texan past accounts.

His constant connection with the historical events that make up a particular place made him rather much competent in handling the narration for the books that he has authored with regards Texas. His undoubted understanding of not only the place but also the people of the areas that he concentrates in, make his books an enjoyable and informative read for many.

His enthusiasm in presenting everyone with the knowledge that he particularly has with regards the people who are living within the area makes the narration of the different sections of the books more realistic and imaginatively creative on the part of the ones reading the said written pieces. Thesis of the Book More than identifying Galveston as one of the primary areas the identify the reputation of Texas within the American society; the book of McComb intends to introduce the people living within the said area.

The camaraderie among the people living within the said place has been pointed out by the author as a primary factor that characterizes the rapid growth of the small town towards progress. Galveston’s plight towards continuous improvement on its economic, social and even political aspects of progressive social contemplation of growth has actually been the main capturing idea of the reading that McComb created for his readers in this particular material.

Through research and narrative approach, the author was indeed able to capture the most significant points that needed consideration on the part of relating to the readers about the truth behind the beauty of Galveston. He points out further that the reason why Galveston never cease to make development on its systems of existence is that its people also never cease to make way for better changes for their society. If there is one thing that is considered by McComb as a primary difference that Galveston has from the others, it is its people.

Mc Comb never forgot to take notice of how the said group of communities making up the entire Galveston population continues to establish cooperation even in the middle of change that needs to be implemented to within the traditional norms of the said community. Likely, there are those who might have been giving the idea of change a hard thought, but it could never be denied that majority of the said population remains prepared for the changes in search of benefits that the said changes may offer them and their entire society later on.

Most especially, these people, although different and individualistic in character always try to adjust to others living within their community. They themselves make it at least possible that their community would be much welcoming to all others regardless of their differences. Of course, nobody is saying that Galveston is by far the best community there is, although McComb believes that the people making up this particular community makes it quite different from the others.

The beauty of the area itself characterizes the people that reside in it. Methodology of the Author With an aim to both inform and entertain readers, Galveston particularly tries to press the readers with bits of informations that he thinks would be most useful for their needs with regards the knowledge that they need to incur about Texas. As he particularly aims that everyone be a part of the audience that he caters to, he uses a narrative voice to entice the readers regardless of their age and their gender.

Likely, he used this approach to keep the interest of his primary readers and give them a glimpse towards the full view of the ideas that he wants to share with regards the informations that he know about Texas. Further more, to make the reading more than just the usual text book, he placed in several pictures and maps as well as several important pieces of art that makes the characterization of the Galveston history and present a more vivid image on the minds of the readers.

Through these materials, the author was able to create a time-capsule like approach in insisting the informations and messages about Texas that he primarily wants to address to his target readers. Other Book Reviews Some readers have found the book a rather interesting find that makes it a much reasonable piece of writing that should be read through the ages. To quote one, he said about the book: “The book is short, and $10 is way too much to pay for it. Still, if you can find a used copy, it does provide solid facts about events and people from Galveston’s colorful past.

Cabeza de Vaca, Karankawa Indians, Michael B. Menard, Jean Laffite, The Bolivar Ferry, the Galveston harbor, William L. Moody, Battle of Galveston (civil war), 1900 Hurricane, the seawall, the raising if Galveston Island, the Maceo crime family, Prohibition and various tourist attractions are briefly touched on. There are several black and white photographs, including maps and an interesting “then and now” section about historical landmarks. ” (J. Brundige. Amazon. com. http://www. amazon. com/Galveston-History-Guide-Cotten-Popular/dp/0876111789/ref=sr_1_1?

ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1215011282&sr=8-1) Clearly, as noted from this review, many would find the book a fine read about the history of Texas. More than informative, it could also be noted for being entertaining through the presentations that it features. Bringing the past of Galveston into reality at present is rather a very interesting approach in presenting the truth behind the history of a place that is now recognized as a part of a simply larger region. Conclusion Everything, every place and every person has its own history.

It could not be denied that many believe that whatever that history is, it characterizes the attitude and the being of a certain thing or person that it creates a background of. In the reading authored by McComb with regards Galveston Texas, the provision of such a historical fact actually makes the readers more wonderfully acquainted with the area thus making it a more enjoyable and informative read for everyone who intends to learn about history and how it etches progress within a place towards its present status in the human community.

References: J. Brundige. Amazon. com. http://www. amazon. com/Galveston-History-Guide-Cotten-Popular/dp/0876111789/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1215011282&sr=8-1. (July 2, 2008) David G. McComb. (2000). Galveston: A History and a Guide (Fred Rider Cotten Popular History Series, No. 15). Texas Christian University Press.

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