Gadgets: Social Networking Sites Essay

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Gadgets: Social Networking Sites

Nowadays, it seems like most of us students like to use gadgets for fun. It is true that those are very useful. It helps us connect to each other, to learn new things and also discover new things. We don’t think that it could have a bad influence or bad effects to us. Gadgets make our life better in many ways. It enables us to do things faster and easier. For example the cellphone, many of us are lost without it and for students this device is more than just cellphone. It is also a chat opportunity, a camera and more.

A negative effect of this is that students can become obsessive and can neglect everything else like their social life and family. Computer is another one. It helps students a lot especially in assignments but social networking sites start to catch their attention like Facebook. This site has a lot of games that are so addictive like Tetris. It’s not bad to play, but the bad thing is to spend all your life in front of computer, pretending that everything else doesn’t exist.

Listening to music from MP3 players can help us when doing boring or repetitive tasks. However, listening to music for long periods of time in a high volume may cause hearing problem which is extremely dangerous. Playing video games have probably influenced teenage students the most. There is a tendency that we will forget everything else and there are also chances that it might confuse us between the virtual world and real word.

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