Futures goals and how to attain them Essay

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Futures goals and how to attain them

We are in a cutthroat, competitive time and to survive in business requires efficient top-north customers service and satisfaction. To be creative and innovative in our thinking and to offer coupons and bonuses for quality purchase and whatever it takes. In order to achieve this, staying one step ahead of the competition and being able to foresee changes are important goals in an oil company just as in the other businesses.

Hard work and attentiveness and keeping close contact with the customers, are what I tend to achieve in our oil company (Ryan & Gail, 2006). These goals cannot, however be achieved without having a proper business plan. A business plan is a vital part of monitoring cash position. Keeping it updated enables the management to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, a well-written business plan is basic when seeking for funds. Thus, my intention will be to come up with effective ideas and to note workers suggestion in the business plan.

To realize these goals also requires being involved with the community, especially from where the business is conducted. It also include, joining trade unions, sponsoring events, and being active in the chamber of commerce. Since my aim is to work and build the oil company of which realistically I believe that I have potential to do so, then that is what my business plan will comprise of. The plan will be created with an emphasis on guiding workers through the business process.

Such a functional plan will measure operational progress, assess planning assumptions, foresee capital requirement, evaluate employees suggestion and so forth. In conclusion, keeping consistent review of the business plan and searching for more ways towards attaining the existing goals and even set some new ones should be considered (Ryan & Gail, 2006). Reference: Ryan, J. D. & Gail P. H. (2006). Small business: an entrepreneur’s business plan (7th ed). South- Western College Pub.

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