Future Trend of Crisis Intervention Essay

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Future Trend of Crisis Intervention

Future Trend of Crisis Intervention in the Human Services Delivery System In the United States Human Service profession continues to expand yearly. Despites the yearly gross for this profession many people still strive to continue to succeed in this profession. It is unfortunate that sadly human service workers are the first to become victims of budget cuts and layoffs because of low funds. This paper will focus on the trend of human service, the practice of crisis intervention in human services, challenges likely by the trends as a result of the impact and how human service workers should deal with these trends. Purpose of Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention is mainly important for those who have been in some type of crisis. Those who have experienced emotional, mental, and physiological distress are among those who make use of crisis intervention methods. Normally a person who experiences crisis intervention cannot function normally, need help coping and not capable of solving problems by him or herself. Kidnapping, sexual assault, criminal victimizations are several crises that people face. One of the main issues that human services face today is meeting the needs of people.

Crisis intervention has evolved into a human service subspecialty to help people who cannot afford high costs for mental health issues. Crisis intervention core goal is to help decrease victim’s reaction to a crisis that may be behavioral, mental, and physical. It helps victims return to their normal selves by removing ineffective coping skills. Some of these are substance abuse, alcohol abuse, aloofness, and a host of others. Often time’s people recover from their crisis by speaking about what occurred and other lifetime achievements. It depends on the individual to determine the time frame that its takes a person to seek help after a crisis. Crisis intervention program can take place in a hospital, clinics, mental health centers, and other social service agencies. Unfortunate it is not appropriate for people suffering long-standing problems.

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