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Essay on Future Plans In Life

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My Study Plan in Business

When I return to my country I plan to take with me as many positive things as I can, apply them there and hope to become a successful professional. It is my desire and passion to contribute to my country with my education and management skills. I know that my country possesses all the tools to become as great and developed as Taiwan. Taiwan has become a country havingpower, able to invest, create ...

10 years from now

By almost 30, I hope that I will be close to married and preparing myself to start a family. I’m not sure how many kids I plan on having, but probably no more than three. I plan on being financially comfortable which includes owning my own car and home. I know through out my life I will always continue to be close with my family, so I’m hoping that I always live in close distance of my parents...

Sherman Alexie's Novel The Lone Ranger

Alexie's characters in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven all are searching for the proper way to balance their skeletons, "but, no matter what they do, [they need to] keep walking, keep moving [with their skeleton]. And don't wear a watch (22)." If Alexie's Indians stop and linger with the past or the future they well not be able to survive in the present. This problem of dancing slow ...

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Shawshank Redemption vs Film Count of Monte Cristo

This works out very well for Edmond because he not only had someone to keep him company and educate him but also a way out of the prison. Edmond Dantes from Counte of Monte Cristo and Andy Dufrense from Shawshank Redemption both showed through their actions, that through the toughest times if you keep a goal it can be reached. Both men were faced with very tough circumstances but through it all th...

CDA Autobiography - Larissa R. Hall

Upon completion of my CDA, I plan on getting my certification to teach music to preschool aged children. Even though I am already working in the field and teaching music too, I desire to have the certification to do this. Just knowing that I am fulfilling the things I was meant to do is an exciting feeling and to know that I can do both, childcare and teach music, makes this opportunity even more ...

The Bucket List

We spend so much time in our lives suffering; we don't need any rehearsals. The worst will find us, and we will have to deal with it when it does. Because after all life’s uncertainties have the power to bring out the best in people. I believe that it is wishful thinking for anyone to expect a return to the good old days of certainty and stability, since change and uncertainty are among the most...

Graduation Speech on Future Goals

To our graduates, let’s not forget our Filipino values. Let’s keep our moral fibers intact as we go along the ladders of success. We know we cannot transform our society overnight. We know we cannot do it alone. As the future leaders of our society, you, graduates, should start now in your own little ways. Parents, and teachers, let’s us be a model to them and help our graduates in directing...

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