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Future plan

Starting from the visitor center on the mountain, travelers can explore the cliffs trail. There are many cliffs that are known worldwide for their beauty. Pha Nok Aen Cliff (ผานกแอ่น) – This cliff is located on the east side of the mountain, approximately 1.1 kilometres from the campsite and tourist office. This is an important tourist spot, where many people go to watch the sunrise. In the summer and rainy season, this cliff is above the clouds, creating a beautiful view of the sunrise. Pha Mak Duk Cliff (ผาหมากดูก) – This cliff is located on the south side of the mountain. It is located approximately 2 kilometres from the campsite and tourist office. Travelers who have little time come here to watch the sunset, due to its closeness to the campsite.

Pha Jam Sin Cliff (ผาจำศีล) – Approximately 600 metres from Pha Mak Duk Cliff. Pha Na Noi Cliff (ผานาน้อย) – Approximately 600 metres from Pha Jam Sin Cliff. Pha Yiap Mek Cliff (ผาเหยียบเมฆ) – Approximately two kilometres from Pha Na Noi Cliff. Pha Daeng Cliff (ผาแดง) – Approximately 1.5 kilometres from Pha Yiap Mek Cliff. Pha Lom Sak Cliff (ผาหล่มสัก) – Approximately 2.5 kilometres from Pha Daeng Cliff. This cliff is located on the west side of Phu Kradueng mountain. Most people who climb the mountain will go to watch the sunset at this cliff. On a nice clear day, it’s possible to see Phu Pha Jit Mountain (ภูผาจิต) of Nam Nao National Park (อุทยาแห่งชาติน้ำหนาว).\ the composition of flora on the flat back of this mountain is much richer than that of its neighbour. Pine trees are not so prominent in this wildlife sanctuary, but the flat-topped peak boasts a rich variety of herbs and shrubs.

There are also patches of dry evergreen forest, grassland and bamboo groves up there. In addition, various species of ground and epiphytic orchids are also a common sight. if you stand on the steep eastern edges of these parks, which overlook the low-lying forests of Laos (in the case of Pha Taem) and Cambodia (in the case of Phu Jong Na Yoy), you’d say you’re standing on a mountain.

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