Further off the Straight and Narrow

The video clip basically traces the roots of gay visibility in the United States media because the mid 90’s. The first function of enabling pictures of homosexuals in tv is for approval rather than breaking the standards. There was no noticeable sex then in programs. Homosexuals began to be seen in truth television even before the early 90’s, which is the first stage of media coverage of homosexuals. Normally, individuals in talk programs and news recording would contest about the morality of homosexuality.

The next phase, which is throughout the early 90’s, paved way for the normalization of exact same sex relationships.

Homosexual relationships were featured to be the same as any kind of mixed up relationship. And then reality shows portrayed diverse images of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender, even sensationalizing them. In reality games on television, gay couple usually completes the composition of the contestants. Today, there are various television series featuring the gay community which includes The L world, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and many more.

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Today there are many television shows, series and films with gay themes.

One example is the Transamerican Love Story, which is a reality-based series, which is a dating show where the transgendered male must select from among eight suitors. The increasing gay visibility in the US media signals the gay awakening. The stereotypes against homosexuals remain to be a problem as of today. That is because there is no strong social acceptance of this specter. The exposure of homosexuals in the media is part of conditioning the minds of the public audience with the normalization of homosexuality.

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Further off the Straight and Narrow

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