Funds Essay Topics

John Hancock Classic Value Fund

The John Hancock Classic Value Fund is a U. S stock mutual fund with an inception date of June 1996. The Fund is located in the large value fund category (investorguide, 2007). Large value funds usually consist of value stocks or stocks that are deemed to be undervalued in price in the large, publicly-traded corporation… View Article

Comparitive study of mutual funds

Investing in mutual funds provides a total solution for the investing needs. With a well-designed portfolio of mutual funds, the investor can have his own pool of professionally managed investments, even with a small initial investment. Mutual fund is a kind of trust that manages the pool of money collected from various investors and it… View Article

The Harmonized Saving Plan at BP Amoco

Brief description of case background On August 11, 1998, United States Amoco Corporation (Amoco) and The British Petroleum Company p.l.c. (BPC) announced the BPC merger with Amoco. With a combined number of participants of 40,000 and $7 billion investment assets under management, the merged pension and savings plan of the new company is viewed by… View Article