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Funding Health Care Services Essay

Paper type: Essay
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Health Care Services Recommend How Ambulatory Services Should Be Funded There are many businesses like ambulance services that are private. Their fees are collected by the person that is using the service to be transported to the doctor or the use of their insurance they use to assist with their services. The community also provides some of the services and they are supported by taxes. In some cases, this is very rare. The hospital provides some of the ambulance services which are paid for by their insurance company or the patient for the service that is rendered at that time.

In the community where I live, the patient is charged for the ambulance service regardless if someone gets on the ambulance when they arrive at the home. But the service is always community based. This is how the ambulatory service is paid for rather than it getting paid for by our tax dollars. It also depends on the business, county, and state we live in each day.

Services provided by the county and state are services paid for by tax base. There is also the use of private ambulance services, or just the use of completely volunteer ones.

The use of first responders is funded by the county and the state. At the same time, one can use a private separate ambulance service to assist with the injured person and transporting them. Recommend How Continuum of Long-Term Care Services Should be Funded I recommend that in order to deal with the complicated nature of long-term care, alternative solutions need to be considered. The reality is that the population who is in need of long term care has to consider all of their basic health and human needs met for all the decades of their life. This is an expensive reality.

With the expanding population of individuals who qualify for long term care, there needs to be a feasible plan in place in order to ensure the viability of long term services without leaning on limited tax payer and/or government funds. My suggestion is to increase the requirement for pre-graduate internships and/or clinic experiences for students who are seeking advanced degrees in the long-term care services field. These include; medical assisting, nursing, professional counseling, social work, a physical rehabilitation. According to Mulvey, in the US, Medicaid is a government program that will pay for certain health services and nursing home care for older people. In most states, Medicaid also pays for some long-term care services at home and in the community. Eligibility and covered services vary from state to state. Most often, eligibility is based on income and personal resources. Individuals eligible for Medicaid are typically not in the condition or capable of aging in place, and Medicaid’s expenses are primarily concentrated on nursing home care. The current requirement for these programs before graduation is in the range of 9-12 months of unpaid or low-paid service.

If this service graduation requirement were to increase to 18-24 months this would provide many more entry level, yet qualified, individuals the opportunity to provide care for those who are seeking a multitude of services at a fraction of the cost of current programs. The basis for funding should be a combination of government subsidized funds, acknowledging the inherent sympathy that the United States was founded, along with private donations. If the cost of services can decrease, the available funds can stretch further to be able to support additional individuals who require long term care.

Recommend How Mental and Behavioral Health Services Should be Funded Mental disorders and mental health problems are treated by a variety of caregivers who work in diverse, relatively independent, and loosely coordinated facilities and services-both public and private (Williams ;amp; Torren, 2010). I recommend that they appoint staff from the Department of Mental Health to develop and put into practice a joint plan to create a continuum of care for elder adults with behavioral health needs based on the Community Support Program (CSP) model.

This plan of action should summarize objectives, goals, timeframes, action steps, and a research/evaluation component. It should also make available guidelines for written agreements on local collaboration, which it should include how to decide cross-system disagreements. I also think that resource allocation o should be a main focus. With this being said, this would lay the groundwork for the systems integration needed to create the continuum of care. Next, I recommend that they establish committed funding for services to elder adults with behavioral health needs for the county and state.

This already exists for the care of the children. There should be a level of flexibility in order to develop a group of services perceptive to the needs of the individual of the adults. As of now, the state has not funded mental health. I recommend that at least one geriatric pilot project be included in the budget. The project should require integration of the behavioral health and aging systems. I think that this would really be a vital step in addressing the needs of the geriatric population which is really underserved today.

Once this is set up, it is my recommendation that the state set aside more money for this funding each year. On the local level, community mental health should make behavioral health services for older individuals a main concern in its yearly plan for the distribution of reinvestment dollars. I also recommend that they require that all medical and nursing students be trained in identifying behavioral health issues, treatment modalities as they relate to the older adults, and the referral processes.

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