Fundamental Duties of Citizens

I slept, and dreamed and life was beauty;

I woke and found that life was duty.

Rights demand a guarantee or security that they shall not be infringed. However, they are not productive. On the other hand, duties demand their performance, their implementation, and they are productive. Therefore, it is the citizen’s duties which constitute “citizenship values”. When we talk about fundamental duties as provided in Article 51-A, in fact we talk about our ancient culture which was duty-based. It forms the fundamental and essential part of Hindu philosophy.

In the Hindu system Dharma stand for duty. It is said to signify the sum total of all religious, moral, social and legal duties. It has always been a part of our religion and values and all right thinking people were of the opinion that one should not only be conscious of one’s own right but it is more important that one must be fully conscious of his/her duties.

The word ‘duty’ is defined as ‘action’ or an ‘act’ that is due by moral or legal obligation; that which one ought or is ‘bound to do’. Absolutely it means ‘moral obligation’. An older meaning is ‘the action or conduct due to a superior; homage; reverence; due respect.

Ancient Hindu philosophy suggested that the best way to secure a right was the performance of duty. In the Hindu system duty is not correlated by right but by duty itself. However, the concept of Dharma, restricted, or at all related, to the duty, especially that conception of duty as is manifested in Article 51-A.

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The concept of ‘Swadharma’, of doing one’s own duty, is generally referred to all texts like Manusmriti, Bhagwad Gita, etc., There are different laws for different times and places even for the same person.

That was perhaps the reason that framers of our Constitution had not referred to these duties expected to these duties expected that the citizens of this great country where the compassion, discipline, hard work, honesty, integrity, love, peace, patriotism, sincerity, and tolerance was the way of life, need not be told about their duties. It is really ironical that citizens of this great land where Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita proclaimed that one has a right to perform his duty only, have now to be called upon to perform the same. It is very strange that though all the great religions of the world, whether it be Hinduism, Christianity or Islam predominantly talked about duties only, but their followers have stopped paying heed to the subject.

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