Functions of Management Essay

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Functions of Management

Most businesses are guided through some type of philosophy that may increase in profit and to ensure the business success and growth according to (Bateman & Snell 2007). This paper will demonstrate the following four functions of management; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These types of functions must be performed by the management teams depending on the level of industry, title or the amount of obligations or task within the company. The four types of functions will define the roles and responsibility of each team. This paper will explain those four functions and how they currently apply in my workplace.

First function is planning, this type defines as being able to set some type of goal or deciding the course of action, it is developing rules and regulations, developing plans on both the organizations and people that actually work in it as well as forecasting on what the future holds for the company. For example, in my current company that I work for Vynapse LLC, I was recently promoted to become the new Project Manager. The company just recently moved its biggest account from one of our locations in Windsor to our Napa office. As a Project Manager it is my responsibility to ensure that the process of the move on this account will run smoothly as it can be and to ensure that this happens I will need game plan to get this account into our building. This is just an example of what a planning function would be.

Second function is organizing, this type defines the identity of the jobs that are required to be done, which means hiring the right team, being able to establish departments and delegating or pushing authorities to subordinates and establishing communication according to (Bateman & Snell 2007). As a Project Manager moving this account to our facility, I now have the responsibility to hire an entire crew for operations for instance, developing a whole department of Inventory, Customer Service and a warehouse team. As a Project Manager I would need to be organized and ensure all these steps happen in a timely manner especially having a deadline of when the move will take place.

Third function is leading, this type of defines on influencing other people to ensure the job gets done, it is maintaining morale, managing conflict and the key as always is communication. As the new Project Manager it is my role to be that example or have that leadership to show my team that I am able to managed this account and that the process will run smoothly without it having to fall through the cracks. The key to leading is having that communication with my team members especially for the new team I will be hiring. I want to be that example and show that I am able to do the job in a timely fashion.

Fourth function is controlling, this type defines the performance standards. No matter how the project can be really difficult, I still have to set standards for every task. As a Project Manager, I have to be sure that I set standards and ensure that for any performance that may happen during the process of the movement to our location that I may be able to solve any of the issues that may come towards me. Learning to have the control in the workplace is such an important aspect because you always want to set that goal or that standard towards your fellow employees or coworkers.

In closing, “Controlling Function of Managment,” 2011 management is such an important role in the business world. Understanding the key roles of each function of planning, organizing, leading and controlling will help an individual to become a better manager. As a new Project Manager to the company, it is very challenging, but at the same time understanding or knowing these four function has helped me to ensure that the account that is being transferred to our location will help me to become a good manager.

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