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Functions of Management Essay

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Great managers are fair and respectful to employees. They don’t ask employees to do anything they would not do themselves. They show up on time, and they are a good role model who leads by example. Great managers are honest and accept their faults, and they are able to publicly admit when they are wrong. Great manager is someone who is a good listener and is proactive in dealing with issues and not afraid to get in the trenches with his or her coworkers.

A great manager leads workers, but at the same time does not generate resentment by being too bossy. A great manager builds close connections with the people they supervise. A great manager recognizes employees for their contributions at work. This is one of the surest ways to secure employee loyalty and earn the perception that you are smart enough to understand that you don’t know everything.

Recognition and rewards do not typically need to be monetary.

In most cases, simple public recognition is all that is required. Recognition nurtures the soul, it feels good, and it stimulates a desire to repeat positive behavior at work. great manager is approachable and possesses a likeable personality. Moreover, a great manager has a sense of humor about the world and themselves. And a great manager understands that they need to manage systems, but more importantly they need to manage the way they relate to their employees.

I haven’t seen nor work for an ineffective manager. An ineffective manager can make workers of all levels miserable, which can result in low employee morale, stress, and turnover. Why are some managers ineffective? It could be because these managers define themselves only as a manager, and not also as a leader because managers try to plan, organize, and coordinate, and leaders aim to inspire and motivate. They may view leadership and management as two different entities, when in reality leadership and management need to go hand-in-hand.

– The management does meaningful work in a culture of respect, camaraderie and teamwork. They begin by analyzing the culture to establish a benchmark, then measure progress regularly. Determine what matters most to your employees; Meaningful work, Recognition, Respect for management, Communications, and Empowerment. Acknowledging individual differences, they maximize individual strengths. They commit to continuous improvement. Management must place as high a priority on employee satisfaction as it does on customer satisfaction, quality, financials and other strategic performance measures.

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