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Functional areas of Business Essay


I work as Vice President for Global Wealth Management at Bank of America with more than 12 years of experience. The functional areas where I need to focus on are developing the leadership and operational skills. Two functional areas of business of interest

Having an MBA will help me to grow as a leader in the management role; the two functional areas of the business which interest me are Leadership and Operations Management. Leadership is a skill which will help me to manage different groups to complete a task whilst keeping the group working as a team or developing the group into a team and satisfying the requirement of the individual group members. Leadership will help to inspire to convert my plans into actions. Leadership will help me to improve my communication skills, as a leader I will have opportunity to speak intelligently to diverse groups. I can develop negotiation skills, when working on different projects I will be able to negotiate on the timelines.

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Leadership role will help me to develop networking skills; I will get to know senior management, stakeholders, and high-profile figures. Building relationships with these people will increase my network. Leadership is an area where I will be using my knowledge and power to execute my ideas into solutions. Operational skills will help me to oversee operational tasks, prepare annual budgets for the team, and estimate the project by proving high-level swag. I will able to manage multiple projects by delegating my workload into different roles and responsibilities.

Your role as a manager would be in the functional areas of business In an organization there are many functional areas and each department having their own roles and responsibilities. The area which interests me is operation Management, it’s very important to integrate operations management with my development skills. Some of the activities which I will be performing are to share my knowledge and experience in redesigning the products and services; I will be handling many responsibilities to ensure that business operations are running smoothly with small team and meeting the deadlines of the customers.

I will work towards improving the customer experience for existing production websites, by creating a platform where different stake holder gives their suggestion and inputs on using the existing products and services, based on the suggestion, will work on improving the layouts, design and functionality of the websites. I will be work on creating robust process for different teams involved in the overall development process, how the different cross functional teams needs to work on achieving the organizational goals.

Summary of Article Reviewed

“Everybody knows that leadership and management development (LMD) is unlikely to produce measurable improvement in workplace performance” (Terry (2009), Para 2 pg. 56). Author explains that leadership is a skill which will help you in performing at workplace. A good leader can achieve organizational goals with the support of this time, with leadership skills I will be able to have my innovative ideas into actions. As per the author “96 per cent of us actually need a complex package of support and encouragement in the workplace” (Terry (2009), Para 4 pg. 55). This means that leader needs to guide his team to achieve complex tasks. Leadership will help the manager to influence the employees to achieve organizational goals.


To achieve organizational goals a good leader should have exposure to the functional areas of business, like leadership and operations management. Having extensive knowledge in these areas will help you to achieve goals and vision of the company.

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