Functional areas in oxfam and sainsburys

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The main purpose of the Finance department is to support the overall aim of making a profit by working with other departments to make sure they don’t spend too much money and that what they are doing is profitable. They also work with other departments to finance the purchase of more efficient equipment. Research & Development (R&D): The Research and Development department are responsible for creating new products or services and monitoring relevant research done elsewhere.

They also find ways of providing new or additional features and find out about the customers future wishes or needs by experimenting with different ideas and identifies the best.

They also may work on the environmental targets or social responsibility of the business. Their main purpose is to help a business come up with new ideas that can help the business produce a new or better product or develop a more efficient way of doing something better than their competitors. Human Resources:

Human Resources are responsible for dealing with employee related matters such as; writing up job descriptions and advertisements to recruit new staff and setting up interviews to test job applicants.

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They are also responsible for staff training (if required) and keeping records of staff (absence, illness, and training). They also handle the legal aspects of HR (contracts, safety and fair treatment). Their main purpose is to support other functions and business aims by making sure correct staff are recruited and trained to a high standard so that the product or service is of a high quality.

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The HR department will try to make sure there are ways of motivating all the staff to work effectively. They will try to make sure there is little absence from staff and that they behave well. Marketing: Marketing involves a range of processes concerned with finding out what the customer wants, and then providing them with it. Marketing is an integrated process in which, individuals and communities discover that existing needs and wants may be satisfied with the products and services of others.

Their main purpose is to research what customers want through market research and help the business produce a product the customers are willing to buy. Once the right product has been made, it is important for the Marketing function to promote the product, make sure it is priced competitively and is available to customers. Administration in Cotham Outdoor Activities – they support teachers taking students off site, making sure set procedures are in place.

Attendance Officer – allows the school to identify problems with low attendance and poor punctuality as well as good attendance. Human Resources – they prepare any advertisements; agree date, timeline, closing date, interview date – crucial to include the correct information. Examinations Officer – are responsible for organising and invigilating, with a team of invigilators all public and internal exams. Assessment Manager – they hold the personal details of students, for example; name, address, gender, home number and date of birth.

They also keep a record of all the students and their transcripts. Significant Others – organising head teacher diary, arranging meetings, typing reports, memos and letters. They also produce newsletters among other things. ICT in Cotham MIS upgrades, availability and troubleshooting, server and network services includes equipment, switches, wireless technology, cabling etc. they also deal with day to day hardware and software support to all users, staff and students.

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Functional areas in oxfam and sainsburys
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