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Fun Facts About Mexico

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Mexico is a very interesting country with many facts. Here are just a few. Mexico is found in the ‘Ring of Fire’ the world’s biggest mountain and earthquake area. Nevertheless, the volcanoes on Mexico’s Baja California are mostly dormant. The land West of Mexico is named Baja California. There are several types of plants that grow in this area; around 120 kinds of cacti are grown here. The most common species of cacti found there include the prickly pear, the redheaded cactus, and the Black-Eyed Giant.

Mexico also has a large variety of animals including birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. there are more than 100 species of butterflies in Mexico.

The largest insect in Mexico is called the Guajillo which can be seen in the mountains. It is one of Mexico’s most endangered insects and its population has been declining over the past few years. Mexico has a long history of being the world’s leading producer of corn. It is the world’s second largest producer of wheat followed by rice and soybeans.

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In fact, Mexico produces more than half of all food crops. It is the world’s third largest exporter of fish, meat, and dairy products but its main export is beef, pork, and eggs. Mexico also has many natural resources that are used for agriculture. It is the world’s sixth largest producer of rubber, gold, and silver; while it is the world’s 7th largest exporter of copper, nickel, and tin.

The country is home to the world’s most valuable mineral, zinc.

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Its economy is based on oil production. Mexico is the 2nd largest producer of petroleum and natural gas in the world. The country produces more than half of the world’s oil reserves. Mexico also has a history of being an important trading partner with China. Mexico was the first European nation to set up trade routes between Europe and Asia. It was the first European nation to establish a permanent settlement in North America. There are many things to do in Mexico including visiting the National Museum, exploring the city of Tenochtitlan, and visiting a local restaurant.

Mexico is home to some of the world’s best museum galleries, art galleries, and other cultural centers. Mexico has the world’s most famous art Gallery called the Museo del arte. The museum del arte is in the heart of Mexico City. It has one of the largest art collections in the world. The Spanish architect Francisco de Goya designed it. In addition to this Mexico has a diverse collection of ancient artifacts from the past. As you can see there is a lot to know about Mexico and much more than just its history!

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