Language Month Programme with En Bakar bin Amin

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Announcing the arrival of our guest of honor for today, En Bakar bin Amin,the Morning Session Supervisor followed by Pn Salamiah bt Hamid, Head of theLanguage Department and all morning session teachers. Assalamualaikum wbt. And a very good evening to all.

I am _______________ and I will be your host for today.
Ladies and Gentleman, we are here today for the closing ceremony of the SMK Batu Kikir Language Month Programme 2013.

This year’s Language Month Programme has been organized by the Language Department with the English Language Panel as the main organizer assisted by Panitia Bahasa Melayu and Panitia Bahasa Cina. Before we proceed further this morning, I would like to invite the Morning Session Supervisor, fellow teachers and students to stand up straight for the singing of ourNational Anthem ‘NegaraKu’…… Thank you very much. Teachers may be seated.

Ladies and Gentlemen, so as to pray for blessings for this morning’s gathering, I would like to invite Mohd Shafiq Emir from Form 5 Cekal for the recital of Doa.

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Thank you Mohd Shafiq.

Every journey has its end and every path does stop somewhere. During the Language Month, we have had many fun and entertaining activities where we have heard screams of joy, hilarious laughs, melodious songs sang by our very own AF students and others so to speak. And now, we have come to the end of that journey. However, this only marks the end of the language month, not the knowledge and practice in using the language which should be carried on and enhanced further.

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Let us now continue with the official Closing Speech by our Morning Session Supervisor, En Bakar bin Amin. I would like to welcome En Bakar to the floor to deliver his speech. Thank you Mr Bakar for the speech.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the floor and students, now we have come to the Official Closing Ceremony of the Language Month 2013. With this, I would like to invite Pn Salamiah bt Hamid, Head of Language Department to accompany En Bakar bin Amin, the Morning Session Supervisor, for the closing of the SMK Batu Kikir Language Month Programme 2013… *** To officially mark the closing of 2013 Language Month, Mr Bakar will now receive the folded banner from Puan Salamiah. With this, the Language Month Programme 2013 carrying the theme ‘Language Channels Information’ is now officially closed. Thank you Mr Bakar and Puan Salamiah once again for the official closure of our Language Month Programme. ………………..under construction…………………

Honorable guests, ladies and gentlemen.
For the next performance, you’ll be entertained with nasyid performance by the group Al Muttaqin which consists of Form 2 students. For your information, this group is the first runner up for the Maharani Zone’s Nasyid Festival. Afterwards, a group of Form 1 students will be performing an action song called ‘I have been working on the Railroad.’ This group also has won the first place for the Maharani Zone’s English Festival and will be representing Jempol district for the district competition. Let us all give them a resounding round of applause.

Let’s clap our hands once again for the fascinating performance. Sadly enough, we have now come to the end of our ceremony, but before we end, it is our hope that all students and teachers will participate actively in all the organized activities. Please refer to the class notice boards and respective teachers for further enquiries. Certificates and attractive prizes await all the lucky winners. Let us all hope that this year’s Language Month Programme will be a successful and most remembered one. *** Just a gentle reminder, all students are to remain still until all guests and teachers have left the stage after the song. I now once again would like to invite Mr Bakar bin Amin, the Morning Session Supervisor, fellow teachers and students to stand up straight for the singing of 2 songs. First song is ‘Menuju Gemilang’ followed by the 2nd song ‘Ibu PertiwiKu’. Thank you very much and have a pleasant evening. You may now adjourned.

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Language Month Programme with En Bakar bin Amin
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