Fuels Essay Topics

Assessment for Lotus Rental Car’s

Introduction – What is our paper about? This paper is to contrast the pro’s and con’s of including alternative fuel vehicles into a fleet of rental vehicles. What are alternative fuels? Alternative fuels are different fuels compared to what we use today as our most common types of fuels. The most common fuels of today… View Article

What is the Best Alternative to Fuel for Cars

Great concern is now being put into the environment especially about global warming. Many people fear its possible catastrophic effects and thus, mankind is searching for ways to prevent global warming. One of which is by reducing the emissions from vehicles since vehicles make up a huge amount of total greenhouse gas emissions. Vehicle developers… View Article

Fossil Fuels and Global Warming

The use of fossil fuels as the primary source of energy has unwittingly landed humanity into its greatest challenge yet. As oil and coal are burnt up, the greenhouse gases are causing the melting of polar ice, leading to a chain reaction that threatens every other aspect of the ecosystem. This paper looks at the… View Article