Fuel cell Essay Topics

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

The first hydrogen fuel cell was invented in 1839 by William Groves who conducted an experiment that proved electric current could be produced from a electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. He named the invention a gas voltaic battery. For 120 years the technology layed dormant until 1959 when a modified farm tractor was produced… View Article

Electric motorcycle

Nowadays, motorcycles are extremely used in Asian urban areas as in Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Southern China. Among 23 million residents in Taiwan, there are around 15 million registered motorcycles which is equivalent to nearly one motorcycle for every adult person (Chunto Tso, and Chang S. -Y. , 2003). Being the most… View Article

Electric Car

One of the alternatives is to use the electric motor instead of gasoline one. An electric car is a car that powered by an electric motor rather than a regular gasoline engine. There are several major differences between gasoline and electric cars. First of all, “the electric motor will replace the gasoline engine” (“How Electric”,… View Article

AUSDA Organic label

In a recent magazine, newspaper, or blog, find three editorials- one that makes a forensic argument, one a deliberative argument, and one a ceremonial argument. Analyze the arguments by asking these questions. Who is arguing? What purposes are the writers trying to achieve? To whom are they directing their arguments? Then decide whether the arguments… View Article