Frustration: Primary Education and Great Increase Essay

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Frustration: Primary Education and Great Increase

Frustration: it is a feeling of agitation and helplessness at not being able to do something. I felt frustrated once and it happened just not long ago… Rising from primary to secondary school, it has been a big jump. I always thought that secondary school was no big deal and it would be easy. But I was wrong. In fact, for the first few months of my secondary school life, it was torturous and was equivalent to living in hell. When I first started secondary school, I did not get to know many people although there were ice-breaking activities as I was the shy and reserved type.

But after a few days, I got to know this girl, Jane. Jane and I became really good friends and we shared almost everything together.But, Jane made friends with another girl, A, and A was friends with this girl, B. So, the 4 of us became inseparable and we formed a group. However, I realized that my quiet nature was no match for their “outgoingness” as they were too chatty. I was too shy to talk to them and was always excluded while they were talking. I felt left out so I left the group, alone and lonely. I was really upset and frustrated, and cried my tears out that night.

I was unsure and afraid of making new friends and I was really sad. I became lonely and had no one to talk to. After a few days of loneliness, I finally plucked up my courage to make new friends. Friendship problems aside; another “factor” that has been making me agitated till now was–homework. When I first saw the timetable,I almost freaked out. There was a great increase in the number of subjects and subjects like geography and physics were totally stranger to me. Since there was a great increase in subjects, well, as a matter of fact, there would be a great increase in homework too. There was homework piling up day after day and I had difficulty catching up with several subjects.

I was stressed out and almost wished that I had remained in primary school. After a few months, I managed to settle in and for subjects that I had difficulty catching u, I consulted my parents and teachers for help.Hopefully, the remaining years of my secondary school life would be easier and not that stressful. But, still, frustration is only for the time being. If you have the determination to overcome it, life would not be hell for you.

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