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From your characters point of view Essay

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I knew that big Bastard was trouble as soon as I saw him in the office that first day they both arrived on the ranch. When I saw him turned away from me I knew what his sort was like, big guys who thought they owned the place jus’ cos of their size. An’ he didn’t even answer my question, jus’ stood there like a big lump staring at me. I knew they was gonna cause trouble. I heard from the other guys that Lennie was a good worker I give him that but he still was odd, never was with the guys always by himself, with George or with that damn pup that Slim gave him.

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Carlson always said he never said a word unless George was there or if he allowed it, stupid Bastard. I mean I heard things about guys like that who were big and smart but this guy, Lennie, was different altogether he was almost like a child I didn’t know he was capable of mangling my hand, let alone kill my wife. But you never know looks can be different than what is genuine, you get to know these things when you see these bastards come work and then leave, you see it all the time. Since Lennie first come to the ranch I had a hunch, and when he did what he did to my hand I knew that he was not only mean but he was dangerous.

I never told about my hand before, I know what the other guys on the ranch would say, Me, the bosses son being beat up by some guy who couldn’t put two and two together, I Wasn’t gonna let em’ know, I wasn’t gonna let my wife know that her husband got beat up by that Bastard. Them only been on the ranch couple o’ weeks and Slim letting em’ getting away with it, I wasn’t gonna say Nothing. Slim has a way with words, all the guys trust him. So when my hand got busted by Lennie I was real furious, it made me real mad.

I was Jus’ looking for my wife when it began I spose, so she has something to do with it, She is always going’ off and when I’m looking for her I could never find her. Not knowing where your wife is can ruin a man. An’ people were sayin’ things about her. Made me wonder I spose so I go looking for her in the barn where it been mentioned she was and Slim said to be in there too. My wife had been looking at Slim for a while so I was mad and made my way to the barn. Slim was there but not my wife, so we have an Argument and it ends up with my hand being busted.

I mean what’s a guy spose to think when his wife is looking around at the men? An’ Slim would be what you call a good catch I spose, But that means that he aint no better than me. When I started on him I never thought about what he could do to my hand, he always was so quiet and looked like he could never hurt anything even though he was a big bastard. The look in his eyes when he just grabbed my hand, I had never seen it in a guy before an’ I wont wanna be seeing it again too soon I can tell ya. I haven’t seen a guy so mad before, sure I have got a temper I get mad a lot, but this Lennie was just mental.

He jus’ had this look of hate in his eyes, I was angry but for a big guy like that to take advantage of his size is out of order. He had no right to jus’ do that kind of shit to me. He just took hold of my hand and then crushed it within his own palm, the pain was unbelievable and the other guys jus’ stood there watchin’ him do it. Before he fought back I heard George in the background tellin’ him to do it. I knew they travelled together but I didn’t think that that they was that close, I was proven wrong, Lennie always did what George told him to and that time was no exception.

His grasp on my hand grew tighter and I was in pain, I couldn’t think about anything else but the feeling in my hand, and what I must have looked like to the other guy’s but then after it got to its worse all I could think about was what would be left of my hand after the big bastard had finished. An’ If only George hadn’t told him to do it, It wouldn’t have happened, he still makes me mad the way he is still here working on the ranch with Slim. I could feel the bones in my hand breaking, I never had thought of pain like that before. My hand still is now messed up. Don’t think it’s ever gonna be the same, and neither is he.

As soon as I saw him I had it in for him, but after him mangling my hand I wanted revenge. Things weren’t so good between me and my wife but that was no excuses for her death. The Dumb bastard was out for me too, and he got me, twice. I knew the way he spent all that bloody time with that pup that he was strange, I had warned her about spending time with the guys on the ranch, her being the only woman was dangerous but he was the last guy I woulda thought would take advantage. He never was interested in things like that, he didn’t come to town with us ever, and jus’ stayed in the barn with that pup.

I had said for her to stay in the house, but for a woman to do what she is told is something that doesn’t happen easily. I spose it was also her fault stupid bitch going where she aint wanted gettin’ herself into trouble; something was gonna happen sooner or later. The guys was just out in the yard playing horseshoes, I wasn’t gonna join in and be humiliated by them all laughing at my hand. I jus’ sat down an watched didn’t know what was going on else where. The next thing I know old candy is calling from outside the barn saying for us to come quick.

She was jus’ there face down on the straw, I had never seen her be so still. But then I thought and knew what had happened, me an’ Slim rushed up to her and Slim jus said she was dead. I knew at once that the big bastard had been in there with that damn pup. I knew it was him form the start, he couldn’t help himself, He wanted to make trouble and this was the last time I was going to be humiliated he had gone one way too far. I wasn’t disturbed by her death really bad, I was jus’ mad with the Bastard I knew it was him an’ I was gonna do something about it.

Carlson knew it was him too, an’ I could see it in George’s eyes that he also knew what was going on. I wasn’t gonna let Lennie get away with it either. My wife was a slow bitch but it was Lennie who took her life and he wasn’t gonna get out of this one by the other guys keeping ’em Quiet. I had done that already once, when I could have got him canned, but I didn’t for my pride now he had the life of my wife. But George was his friend, regardless of this he still went looking for him. I was suspicious though, I mean they travelled together and how did I know that he wasn’t gonna help Lennie get away and escape.

But I Spose the dumb bastard wouldn’t make it on his own without some other guy helping him out or getting’ him outa shit. When me and the guys saw Lennie lying on the floor next to George I was livid, I hadn’t killed the crazy Bastard myself, I was gonna make him suffer the way I had. I don’t know everything that went on but what I do know is that Lennie was to blame for the death of my wife and my hand was never gonna be the same cos of him being a crazy Bastard. I could see that they were gonna mess things up, an’ I was right.

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