Friendship in "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien

In Tim O’Brien’s novel ‘The Things They Carried’ there were many friendships that we can refer to as ‘Love’. Throughout this novel, many friendships were created between the soldiers which turned out to be the strongest form of love in the book. We also read the valuable insight into the minds of soldiers and enlightens us to the emotional and psychological costs of war.

Tim O’Brien, reveals his and many American soldiers’ harsh experiences during the Vietnam War.

Like other soldiers, O’Brien was drafted to war at an early age and moved to a dangerous and unfamiliar battlefield, where he and his fellow soldiers suffered both physical and emotional pains. Throughout the novel, O’Brien repetitively portrays the harsh and bad environments that shaped people into soldiers who are unable to reintegrate into their post-war life.

The battlefield of love can be a terrible place, but a war of love when only one side is fighting is even worse.

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Soldiers typically carry things with them to remind them of home or their loved ones. Some carry things that remind them of them like, heirlooms of relatives, pocket knives, and letters. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carries pictures and letters from a college student back in the States named Martha. He is truly and deeply in love and infatuated with her, and she most likely does not even feel an ounce of love toward him. Martha does send him letters, however, they were not love letters at all but he was hoping that they were (O’Brien 469).

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