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In our society, no one can live without friends. It would be a lonely and bored life without friend. Life becomes more beautiful when we have friends. But what is friendship? Different life experiences make up different meanings of friendship for different people. I believe a friend can share our happiness and sorrow and is always with us to solve our problems and make us happy. Friendship is about action, not a state of mind. A friend can support us while we are on the right path and can have the courage to stand in front of you when you are in the wrong way.

Our friendships change while we grow up, especially for teenagers. The teenage years are a time of physical, emotional, and social growth and change. As teenagers, we all want to make friends. When we are younger, our parents control us. We do not have time to make our own friends. As we grow up, our parents give us more free time. We start to make our own friends and hang out with them.

I have many friends. One of them is Joana Rose Nacional, Joana for short. She was born on October 27, 1999. Her parents are Evelyn and Godofredo Nacional. She is a fine girl of fair complexion with straight brown hair flowing on her head. She has two beautiful eyes and a well set nose. Her weight which is 50 kilograms is really more than mine. She’s more healthy than I am, and she loves food. In fact, she likes “sinigang na baboy”, her mother’s lasagna, pastel de lengua, lengua estofado, ice cream and chocolates. Her favorite colors are green, blue, and red.

Her favorite books are Harry Potter, Tuesdays with Morrie, and others. Her favorite kind of clothes are those with a touch of Korean and American fashion. Her favorite symbol is a star because, according to her, she wants to shine at the darkest part of other people’s life. Her favorite subjects are Grammar & Composition and Mathematics. As a big KPOP fan, her favorite celebrities are those of Korean ethics. She descirbes herself as Religious.

Her ambitions in life are to be a lawyer or a graduate in Engineering or Chemical Engineering. All she wishes for are to go to Korea ,meet her favorite KPOP artists and get to live with them, travel around the world, have a successful life, and most importantly, have a peaceful and happy life with her family.

Most of us may make friends and are very careful of whom we choose. We choose friends as we grow up because we start to realize what true friends are. We have more experiences in life. We know what kind of friends we need. Friends never fade away, in fact, they grow better with time. Friendship comes so rarely, and without it, we are lost. Whatever happens, we should keep our friends close to our heart, tell them how they are important to us and not let them slip away. If they do, go out and get them back.

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