Friendship: Difference and Heather Personalities Essay

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Friendship: Difference and Heather Personalities

Friendship is a bond between two people. Friendships can change over. Their similarities and differences affect this bond. In the novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, Melinda and Heather had changes in their friendship because of their personalities and other things happening around them. The personalities of Melinda and heather have things in common but also have differences. Melinda and Heather’s personalities are very interesting. Heather’s identity is out going, happy, and cheerful. Melinda’s personality has become depressed, sad, and gloomy ever since the awful incident with Andy Evans.

Heather eventually tells Melinda that she needs professional help because Melinda is depressed. Heather has formed new interests like modeling and has joined the Marthas, a rich and classy click in their school. Heather begins to enjoy art to express her feelings that are bottled up inside. That is how their personalities are interesting. There are some similarities between Melinda and Heather. The one of the common things between them is which say both of them don’t have any friends at the beginning of the book.

The reason why they don’t have any friends is because everyone is mad at Melinda because she called the cops at a party, and Heather is a new student from Ohio. Also, Melinda and Heather are both freshmen at Merryweather High school. Both of them want more friends in a way. Melinda would love to have Nichole, Ivy, and, Rachel back as her best friends and Heather would love to become more popular and join the Marthas. That is how Melinda and Heather are similar. Melinda and Heather are different in some ways.

First of all, Heather admits they are both completely different before Heather says she doesn’t want to be friends anymore. One difference of Melinda and Heather is their personalities, they are completely opposite. One is happy and the other is depressed. Another unlike thing between them is school spirit. Heather has a lot of it and Melinda doesn’t have any. For example it was time for the home coming pep rally. Melinda tried to sneak off to the janitor’s closet, but Heather stopped and gave her pompoms so she could cheer at the rally.

Also Heather has a lot of positive energy and Melinda has a lot of negative energy which brings people down like Heather told her. That is how Melinda and Heather are different. Heather and Melinda’s similarities, differences, and personality eventually led to the end of their friendship. Their personalities were both intriguing. Their similarities made them friends , but their differences split them up. In the end it doesn’t matter if we are different or the same we should all be friends.

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