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What is friendship? People have been asking this question for centuries, and we can never know the exact answer that will fit everybody’s definition of friendship. Friendship is the relationship between two people who really care about each other. Your friendship will keep you happy, but it is not easy. Friendship demands time and effort, and sometimes you have to step over your pride and put yourself on the place of your friend, and see what she feels even if you think you are correct. But in exchange, a friend can provide a lot of support and comfort in good times and bad.

Many things are needed to make friendship a real one, including trustworthiness, support, honesty, and loyalty. Friendship is supposed to make both people happy, and enjoying their relationship. Yes, each person has an individual character and it is hard to find people who share your thoughts. Also, it might occur that at one point of life you are friends, and then something happened and you can never be friends anymore. Things happen, this is how life is. But without friendship, it’s hard to maintain happiness.

In my opinion, friendship is when you and your friend know that you will never do anything bad to each other, that you can protect each other, fight but come together again and there will be always happiness around when your friend is next to you. A friend can call you at 3 a. m. and you will never be mad at her, because you know that something happened. With your friend you are being yourself. You can tell her all the secrets and know that she will never tell them to anyone. A friend is a person that feels like family, but you are not connected by blood.

You are connected by feelings. Sometimes even a friend can be closer to you than somebody from your family. We can choose our friends, but we can’t choose family. Many people carry their friendships from early childhood, whether some can meet in the last 20 years of life and question themselves “How did we live without this person earlier? ” Friendship, it is knowing there is a person who you can trust completely. It is realizing that someone else wants the best for you, and you want the same for them. It is being together without needing to pretend.

It is leaving somewhere for holidays with your family, and writing emails to them everyday explaining what is going on, and missing them a lot. It is sharing your grief and you happiness with them. It is helping them solve problems, and knowing they will do the same for you. It is fighting with them because of some stupid thing and knowing that after five minutes everything would be great again. It is forgiving them if they were wrong because you know they didn’t mean it. It is sharing your dreams, hopes, and secrets together. It is coming to help them and expecting nothing in return.

It is having fun through everyday life together. It is finding time for each other no matter what. It is understanding that you friend is the best and telling him that all the time. It is saying no without having to explain why. It is knowing what they feel and why. Friends are the gifts. Friendship is a great thing and I hope people can have more and more of them. It is easy to make friends. But, it is difficult to maintain it during all the stages of one’s life. One cannot enjoy true and permanent friendship if one does not value it.

One should have some spare time for one’s friend. At different places such as schools, college, colonies etc, we come in contact with a number of people. At these places people of similar tastes, likings, hobbies, nature etc. , become friends. This friendship becomes close and lasts long. It is also seen that people, come close to one another due to some circumstances, call themselves friends but forget one another as soon as circumstances take them afar. A friendship turns stronger with care and maintenance. In the same way disrespect towards it fade and destroy it away.

Friends must be sincere and loyal towards one another. One should not show vanity and power over his/her friends. Friends must bare a sense of equity in mind. Friendship with disparity doesn’t last very long. Real friend be always with his/her friend in well and in owes. In order to maintain friendship, it must be valued and handled delicately because treatment towards friendship determines a friend is real friend or fair weathered. All people seems friendly are not friend. Many pretend to be friend and terminate friendship as soon as their interests are fulfilled.

We may have thousands of fair-weathered friends in prosperity but real friends are those who stand by us in our trouble. It’s very painful when friends proved traitor so in choice of friends we must be cautious. A true friend inspires other to improve himself. He does not indulge in flattery. He always warns his friend if the latter goes on the wrong track. He always protects his interest. He does not hate him for his weaknesses but tries to improve him. He may annoy him temporarily, but he does that for a good cause.

One should always try to avoid bad company. A group of bad friends may indulge in smoking, drinking, taking drugs, eve-teasing, fighting, quarrelling etc. One should not hate bad company. One should try to reform them. In this way, one can be of help to the society as a whole. Friendship has no boundaries of age, time, place or relations. Practically, friendship is made between persons of similar age group. But even a brother, a sister, a husband, a father or a mother can become good friend. Benefits and necessity of friendship is innumerable.

Human being needs companion to live. And friends are one of the best companion because supports us, care us and bless us an opportunity to share our thoughts freely. As friendship doesn’t aim any worldly things, serious dispute between friends are rare or mostly trifle. In a word, friendship is blessed with countless gifts. Friendship is undoubtedly a heavenly thing. Life is colourless and slow without a friend. Though real friends are not easy to find, a real friendship with a good person is a precious gift that could be great supports for lifetime.

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