Friends of Animals, an Organization Educating the Community How to Help Animals

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Citizens have responsibilities like participation in government, church, membership of voluntary associations, which they usually take part in if they are civically responsible people. Civic responsibility can also be displayed in advocacy for various causes. All of these responsibilities are important because they create responsible and active contributors to the community. Organizations show civic responsibility through service learning, volunteering, and civic education. Being part of a service learning project allows people to experience how it feels to make an impact. Giving up personal time to do labor without the expectation of receiving anything in return gives people the opportunity to learn new skills while assisting others.

Volunteering gives citizens a sense of pride in themselves and in humanity. Civic education is promoting and engaging citizens in helping the community, and education is the start of civic responsibility. Friends of Animals is an excellent example of a civically responsible program, because they work to educate the public about their cause and how the communities can help the animals.

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They also strive to start programs and campaigns to aid animals in danger.

“Friends of Animals is a non-profit organization that works to free animals from cruelty around the world. The organization has been incorporated in New York since 1957, and now they have various locations throughout the nation.” (2013) The President of the organization, Priscilla Feral, works out of the international headquarters in Darien, Connecticut. The FoA’s projects and services are supported entirely by membership contributions and grants. They are an advocate for low-cost spaying and neutering.

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They operate the coast-to-coast cat and dog neutering initiative, and they believe it prevents unwanted births of domestic dogs and cats, which leads to mass killings in shelters. The FoA is the lead figure in the movement to end the exploitation of fur bearing animals. Investigators for the FoA produced the first footage of the horrifying reality of life and death on a U.S. fur farm, in 2012.

They established the Wildlife Law Program to help environmental activists to utilize the laws that will benefit their causes for the animals. They inform members about animal advocacy issues and their progress through the Friends of Animals magazine, Act.ionLine, their website, and other reports. Some of the organizations views are: hunting is inhumane, predators do not need to be controlled, and humans do not have the right to displace or restrict the animals. They believe in activists’ rights of free speech and association, and that a peaceful lifestyle begins at the table and strongly encourage a plant-based diet. “On November 3rd, 2011, the Friends of Animals shelter rescued 34 Yorkie puppies from what appeared to be a “puppy mill” operation or a hoarding situation.

Fifteen of the dogs were in the house and the rest were locked up outside in two pens filled with feces. At night, the dogs had been kept in a shed, no bigger than a bathroom, in cages stacked on top of each other reaching the ceiling. Friends of Animals works to save mistreated animals, and prepare them for adoption so that they can find loving homes. In this case, 33 out of the 34 they rescued survived and were put up for adoption. The organization not only helps local communities and shelters, but they help wildlife around the world as well.” (2011) “The Wildlife Law Program was just recently launched and focuses on defending wildlife and their habitats throughout the world. The program has shown early success by already having a ruling passed to protect three African Antelope species, and having five types of sturgeons considered for the “endangered species” status.” (2014) Friends of Animals is also assisting anti-poaching efforts in Africa by delivering important equipment such as aircraft, uniforms, and tents to hot-spots to assist rangers. Additionally, they funded a 24-month program which focused on protecting the chimpanzees of Senegal. 1 Sturgeon- a common name used for 25 species of fish in the Acipenseridae family.

“Educating the public is extremely important to Friends of Animals because it ultimately increases respect for the lives of animals. “Tundra Swan Watching Week” is one week in March dedicated to conducting hunting surveys, and investigating and exposing important information concerning how animals are being treated. They also publish a wide variety of educational pamphlets and brochures throughout the year.” (2013) Citizens must be educated about the cruelty and mistreatment of animals going on around the world. More people should be a part of organizations like Friends of Animals for the reason that no one wants to see an innocent creature die because of their beautiful coat, or because some person gets a thrill out of killing. Friends of Animals is taking a stand against the abuse of animals and citizens need to join with them to make their communities safer and a better environment for everyone, including the animals. Friends of Animals is a prime example of what it means to be civically responsible. They inform the public about various things that they have going on right in their community and around the world. Education is also a big thing with Friends of Animals, and they make it a point to educate anyone who will listen about the cruelty and mistreatment of animals. The Friends of Animals volunteers give up their personal time to help those animals in need. The public and the volunteers give their hard-earned money to help the foundation grow and make a difference, so that more and more people become aware of the animal cruelty that is right in front of our faces.

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