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A friend is someone who is helpful and kind. A friend is someone who you know and like and who likes you too. A friend is not an enemy. I have many different friends. Friends at school, at church, at sports and even overseas. Friends are special to me. Today, I want to share with you why friends such as all of you, are important to me. Body

Firstly, friends provide me with support and courage. They laugh with me when I am happy. They cheer me on when I am in a race. When I win, they celebrate with me. For example, last year, at the Athletics Carnival, we all supported each other in our races. Friends cheer me up when I am sad. They try to make me laugh by entertaining me or tickling me out of my sadness. When I am hurt or feel sick, they care for me.

When I have a problem or when I am struggling, they help me out. For example, when I lost my school hat last year, Hannah and Luke helped me look for it after school. I had searched for it everywhere and was ready to give up. But then, Luke spotted a hat which had been blown way out into the oval by the wind. He ran to pick it up and thankfully, it was my missing hat. I do not feel afraid or lonely at school because of my friends. I know they will stand up for me if I get bullied and they will stay by my side. Secondly, friends help me learn and try new things and ideas.

Conclusion Friends are important to me. They support me, help me learn and most importantly, are honest with me and care for me. I think it is important that we treat our friends well, with respect and kindness, just like how they treat us. I am thankful for the many wonderful friends I have here at my Public School .

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