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Frequency of training Essay

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When we are resting, we breathe about 21 times per minute and take in about half a litre of air with each breath. When we exercise, we breathe more often and take in more air each time, as more oxygen is required to give muscles energy. When we undertake vigorous exercise, we may breathe more deeply or pant, but there should be no wheezing or bubbling sounds. Regular exercise increases our lung capacity and enables us to take in more oxygen with each breath. This will mean that my stamina will increase as a result of training.

Tidal Volume – The amount of air inspired and expired with each normal breath at rest or during exercise. Vital Capacity – The largest amount of air that can be made to pass into and out of the lungs by the most forceful inspiration and expiration. As a result of doing exercise, my tidal volume and vital capacity will be increased. What Training Method will I use? The answer to this question is continuous training. Continuous training means working for a prolonged period of time at a steady stress level, but below maximum effort.

Continuous training involves exercising at a constant rate doing activities like running or cycling. It usually means exercising at 60-90% of VO2 Max for an hour or more. Advantages 1) Needs only a small amount of easy-to-use equipment. 2) Good for aerobic fitness and using up body fat. Disadvantages 1) Can be boring. 2) Doesn’t improve sprinting, so may not be ideal for football. Overload is achieved in continuous training by increasing the duration, distance, speed or frequency of training.

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Over the six weeks I will increase the frequency of my training to four times a week. I will change the speed of the treadmill whilst I am running. I will also increase the length of time I swim after each gym session as the week’s progress. Circuit Training Circuit training uses loads of different exercises. Each circuit has eight stations in it. At each station I will do a specific exercise for a set amount of time before moving to the next station. I will have a short rest between stations. Advantages 1) Less boring because the exercises are all different.

2) Easily adaptable, can be done indoors and outdoors. 3) It can include weight training and aerobic exercise, so improves more areas than one. Disadvantages 1) Can be awkward to set it up. Overload is achieved by doing more repetitions at each station, by completing the circuit more quickly, resting less between stations, or by repeating the circuit. I will conduct a football circuit as an additional exercise activity from week four onwards as my stamina will have improved by then, and I will be able to cope with the extra activity.

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