French Revolution Essay

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French Revolution

The three most important causes of the French Revolution were the demands of the middle classes, taxation, and the American Revolution. The French Revolution of 1789 had many causes. Political, social, and economic circumstances in France made the French malcontent. The thoughts of the Enlightment thinkers brought new views of regime and humanity. The American Revolution also influenced the people to ignite their revolution of 1789. One important cause of the French Revolution was the demands of the middle class.

As stated in document 3 the middle class had lists of grievances kept in their “cahiers. ” As stated in the document, “That the taille be borne equally by all classes. ” This means that the taxes should be put on every class instead of just one class being heavily taxed. This is important because the king declined the idea in results of majority rule between the clergy, nobles, and the middle class. The king had declined the idea because the clergy and nobles had won a vote whether or not the first class and second class should also be taxed.

Louis XVI asked one person from each class if all classes should be taxed. The vote was 2 to 1 the middle class was furious due to this. Another cause of the French Revolution was the heavy taxation by the king. In document 1 an author known as Arthur Young had traveled to France during 1787 to 1789. Upon his travel he was joined by an unfortunate who complained of the hard times. She said “The tailles and feudal dues are crushing us. ” This means that the taxes and the rents owed to the lords were depriving them from everything.

The people living in poverty couldn’t afford to support themselves or their families due to the heavy taxation. On October a mob of poor women marched on the Palace of Versailles to complaining about lack of bread and taxation. The third cause of the revolution was the influence of the American Revolution. As stated in document 5 “The spark that changed thought into action was supplied by the Declaration of American Independence, the American example caused the Revolution to break out. ” This meant that what ignited the revolution was the American Revolution.

This important because it showed the French were greatly influenced to receive a change; if the Americans can do it they could as well were their attitudes. It’s the cause of all these dreadful variables that made them revolt. On July 14, 1789 the revolutionaries stormed the fortress and prison known as the Bastille. In conclusion the three most important causes of the Revolution were the American Revolution, the demands of the middle class, and the heavy taxation. Political, social, and economic also were problems in France. What also contributed to the revolt were the ideas of Enlightment thinkers.

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