French kings Essay

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French kings

The statement is true because the first feudal age was a time when the previous world order collapsed. It was ruined by a massive barbarian invasion that destroyed old institutions of “civilized” existence. Europe was ruled by numerous feudal leaders that led endless wars against each other. In such situation most of the people felt insecure and desired to be protected here and now. Such protection could be granted by local rulers who had small military units able to provide immediate help to their subjects.

The other source of safety were the monasteries that often had strong walls. On the otehr hand, in such states as Byzantium central government continued to exist making ancient forms of rule exist longer. The need for protection contributed greatly to the development of Feudalism since people agreed to support warriors for protection rather than to be robbed by those warriors. Anyone who could guarantee stability was favored by the society. This is why the figures of early French kings are still so popular in Europe, and the figure of Alfred the Great is so popular in England.

Alfred and Charles Martel of France brought their peoples to unity and defeated their enemies like Vikings and Muslims. This trend followed to its logical end in the person of Charles the Great who attempted to reestablish Roman Empire. His rule is short period of stable development during the early feudal age marked by rise of prosperity and education. His realm collapsed shortly after his death, yet his heritage was so important that he can be called the most significant figure of the early feudalism and a “father of Europe”.

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