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French Empire

Paper type: Essay
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Categories: France, History
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Although the actual scope of renaissance did not include more than relatively a handful of individuals, yet the fact that these individuals belonged to the cream of the society and were generally its most accomplished intellectuals, artists, scientists and noblemen worked in changing the entire character and fundamental approach of current and future generations (Sellery, 1950). Renaissance led to complete revival of interest in literature, theatre, music, arts and various other fields that unleashed the full force of latent creativity of Europe leading to momentous achievements in sculpture, architecture, painting and scientific studies.

Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, Copernicus, Raphael, William Shakespeare, Machiavelli and Thomas Moore are just some of the initial illustrious figures who were heart and soul of Renaissance, establishing the structure that later saw emergence of entire generation of future great talents in every facet of life and knowledge, leading to ultimate dominance of world by the western civilization (Green, 1952).

The Hundred Years War

The phrase Hundred Years War is attributed to the constant struggle and skirmishes between England and France that expanded over a hundred years from 1337 to 1453 A.

D. The war had important and historical consequences for both England and France in shaping their national character and defining their political, military, economic and social structure in the forthcoming ages. The result of the War was mixed and conflicting. Although England won most of the important battles that took place in this period, eventually it was France that emerged out victorious in the War (Findling and Thakerey, 2004). The origin and cause of Hundred Years War date back to at least a century before.

England and France, as the two of the three principle powerhouses of Europe, were vying for greater economic and strategic roles for themselves. Under the rule of King Philips the Fair, France had seriously jeopardized English interests by entering in alliance with Scotland and expanding its hegemony over Flounders, the principle exporting partner of England in wool trade which was lifeline of English commerce and business (Sherman and Salisbury). However, the actual reasons of war stretched back as far as to 1066 A. D to the time of Norman Conquest of England.

Many French states and a considerable portion of its physical territory had come under the rule of English Kings. Throughout the 13th and early 14th century France wanted to seize these territories to expand its empire, while England was determined to hold and preserve its mainland vassal states at every cost (Neillands, 1990). Further, through inter-marriages and sharing some common lineage, English Kings had some claims to French throne and this claim became a direct threat on French sovereignty after death of Charles IV, the King of France, in 1328, without leaving any male heir.

With him ended the Capet dynasty that was ruling France since 966 A. D and English King Edward III, who was son of Charles’ sister, finally staked his claim on the French throne. The French, however perceived Philips of Valois, who had similar claims to throne, as a more suitable candidate for the throne and decided to award him the kingdom. The war thus started in 1937 on the question of succession and accession to French empire.

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