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French and Indian War Brief Essay

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Major Players in the French and Indian War

The French and Indian War was primarily England and the American colonies against the French and various Native American tribes in America. As France expanded its colonies along the Ohio River, and Britain ventured further into the mountains and discovered them, it was inevitable that there would be competition, tension and eventually war between the two colonies. This war has come to be known as the French and Indian war, but it has various other names such as ‘The Seven Year War’ or ‘The War of British Conquest’.

The war escalated into a world war in 1760 when France and Britain declared war on each other. It was sparked in America, not Europe, but Great Britain spent a lot of money in helping to fight the war and support to their colonies in America and the colonies participated fully in the war.

Main reasons for the French and Indian War

Britain and France had long been in a competition for territory in North America.

The rich land west and north-west of the Appalachians was in top demand, for it was filled with waterways, fisheries, abundant game and beaver runs. Tensions grew until France and Britain finally declared war on each other for the region in 1756. In the first year, the British were defeated numerous times by the French and their allies, the Native Americans. This is when British Prime Minister William Pitt lent a hand to help out with the war, and funded an expanded war effort which involved shipping 10,000 soldiers overseas. He could see that there was potential of imperial expansion if France were defeated and borrowed substantial amounts of money to contribute. From then on, France’s attempts started to fail. By 1760 they were expelled from Canada, and their all allies in Europe were defeated or made separate peace with Prussia.

The War comes to an end

The French and Indian War was a great British victory. It ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris and also the Treaty of Hubertsburg in February 1763. In the Treaty of Paris, France lost east-Canada and gave Louisiana to Spain. Britain received Spanish Florida, Upper Canada and other French holdings overseas. The British were very pleased with the treaty, as they no longer had to worry about French attacks as much as they previously did. Also, the extra land meant more room for discovery and settlement, although there were still natives all through the land.

Contribution the beginning of the American Revolution Fifteen years after the war, the bitterness the French felt after the loss of their colonial empire influenced their input in the American Revolution.

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