French and idian war Essay

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French and idian war

The French and Indian War alter the political, economic, and ideological relations between the Britain and its colonies by being in debt that lead to tax laws, mercantilism and the way people felt about Britain’s control over its colonies. ***After the French and Indian War, the colonizing of the North America changed greatly. The English took over most of the North America land.

English colonies had dominated the new world(Doc. A). This took a toll on the political relationship between the American colonists and Britain because this lead to the Proclamation of 1763. Britain believed they owned every land that they touched and this made conflict with the Native Americans. The Native Americans believed that they “had no right to settle” and they must ” insist on removing them”(Doc A). The Britain created the Proclamation of 1763 thinking of decreasing the conflict but this added on to resentment in colonists’ hearts. ***Some political changes that included Britain’s abandonment were their salutary neglect policy. After the French and Indian War, England was seriously in debt and needed new ways to increase their status. England began to regulate trade and create tax laws on commonly used items.

Even though Britain made these changes to ‘increase in territory”(Doc F), the colonists felt as if they were treated unfairly. *** Since of the taxation, the colonists and Britain’s relationship decreased rapidly. Some Acts that the Britain created forced the Americans to ship their raw materials to Britain and also buy the finish products only from their mother land.

This encountered mercantilism which made Britain rich. At this point, colonists were fed up and decided to fight back. The Stamp Act was the last straw for the colonists. As Benjamin Franklin claims, the colonists wanted to “set it repeal’d’ which meant the colonists were eager to put a stop in Britain’s footsteps. As the colonists practiced non- consumption and non- importation and boycotted destroyed the economic relationship between the Britain and its American colonies even more.

***Colonial ideological values changed enormously toward the Britain because of their greed and the colonists proven that they could unite as one during their boycotting rival and stand up for what they believed in. As a soldier wrote, “we are debarred Englishmen’s liberty”(Doc D). From this dairy, this showed that Americans had resentment in their hearts toward Britain. ***Britain’s greed of land, controllment, and royalty destroyed many relationships along the way. The Native Americans feelings toward Britain
were if they should’ve not been there in the first place. The American colonies felt as if Britain needed a stop in their footsteps and unite as one to fight off Britain’s crown.

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