Freedom of Speech Essay

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Freedom of Speech

Originally rap music has been around since 1926 and was not as popular back then as it is now. Teenagers to adults listen to an average of two point five (2.5) maybe three (3) hours of music per day. Study shown in 1 of 3 of the songs played contains explicit language and reference to drugs alcohol or women. Ice Cube’s album entitled ‘Death Certificate’ sends messages that bluntly and descriptively threatens violence against homosexuals, women, whites who exploit blacks, whites who covet black women, Korean shopkeepers and police officers. Jon Pareles who wrote the article, ‘Should Ice Cube Voice be Chilled? ’argues from several different point of views on why Cube’s album should not be sold. The article also argues that his voice should be chilled because of violent lyrics and threats towards which it addresses.

Jon Pareles made his argument by simply using different responses and groups to show why the album should not be sold and should be edited. For example, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is Jewish human rights group who demanded four major record stores chains to cease in selling the album. The called it ‘cultural Molotov cocktail’. After listening to it, the Center realizes how quickly this album is going to explode in the minds and ears of young and old listeners. Another example was ‘Black Korea’ which according to Ice Cube meant Korean shopkeepers who follow the customer throughout the store to ensure they do not steal.

This section of the album did not just scratched below the surface but stirred a nationwide boycott. The Korean- American Coalition did not take this lightly, they condemned and deleted it. In an editorial review, a response by James Bernard favored censoring the lyrics because some people are too thin-skinned. Also, Mr. Bernard knew that these types of issue people are force to face on a day to day basis. Why did Ice Cube use such blunt and threatening lyrics? Ice Cube was born and raised in an area polluted with crime, violence and where trust was hidden underground.

His inappropriate reactions and vengeance was all towards how he and his people were treated (bullied). Pareles describes this reaction of one that is simplistic and ugly because, this would not eradicate the problem but cause an escalation. The clear message of this album caught enough attention by the media and organizations to determine whether or not ‘Death Certificate’ should be heard at all. The question remains unanswered to curious critics, why are people buying ‘Death Certificate’. Some just savor the action like movie imagery that Ice Cube presents.

His gift of violence attracts his listeners to buy the album. Ice Cube lyrics did have some effects on young listeners during the recession; gang involvement disillusioned. However, the majority of the listeners will just play loud music. Jon Pareles produced strong points from many different organizations, groups and individual views on why the album should be terminated. The writer never once critized Ice Cube but spectated his album as a whole. On the other hand, Pareles also agree that although Ice Cube does not have the most positive thinking, he has a right to be heard, but he is going to have to answer and be challenged for his thinking and decisions.

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