Freedom of Speech Essay

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Freedom of Speech

The First Amendment for America was built on freedom. The freedom to speak, freedom to choose, freedom to worship, and freedom to do just about anything you want within the law. The first amendment was designed to protect each race. Out of all of our rights, freedom of speech is should be the most cherished, and one of the most talked about subjects. Freedom of speech should be utilized, because so many people fought for the right to have freedom and the freedom to speak. Freedom to vote in every major election. Freedom to travel to any state of your choice. Freedom of speech has allowed Americans to speak out against what is wrong with the country and in the world and it has allowed people to express themselves in their own way(rights and liberties 2003 pg 17) Having the freedom to speak is a positive thing. If you use the freedom of speech in the correct way nothing can stand in your way of becoming the best person you can be and have great success.

Freedom of speech is a brave epidemic that has had a great deal of importance on Americans, and the way they live their lives. The causes contributing to this epidemic include the 1st amendment (1787). This stops people from making or distributing obscene materials. (Roth v. United States, 1957section b), and major changes in the way Americans live their life. Among the changes in Americans, Freedom of speech has changed societies. Americans were people who didn’t have freedom of speech.

This was an ongoing issue for American’s until the congress passed the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment has helped with citizenship; each state is prohibited from not accepting each person no matter the race into the state. No one is to be deprived of life; no person can be denied equal protection of the law. (Rights and Liberties 2003pg6). The 14th amendment proved to be an effective tool for American’s to use. Having the 1st and 14th amendment has helped all races and many societies overcome problems with the law. Having the ability to utilize freedom of speech has been helpful in African American’s moving out of slavery.

During the times of slavery African American’s weren’t able to have the freedom to speak. For many, life without freedom was a life not worth living. ( Slavery, Resistance, Freedom 2005pg40). When African American’s were granted freedom many didn’t take it. They felt as if they wouldn’t know what to do with their freedom. Others took the freedom. When people learned that they had rights then they were able to get themselves out of trouble. This is when many American’s realized that America is the universal symbol of freedom.

Freedom of Speech In a society creates a huge stereotypical life for many. Freedom of speech works for certain races. It has been proven to work in favor of Caucasians, for African Americans sometimes works only if discrimination isn’t playing a part in the case. With freedom of speech each person is supposed to have a fair chance at a clear free future ( Some African Americans fought for the right to have freedom of speech. Such as Jeremiah Wright, Ishmael Jaffree , and Anthony Griffin fought long and hard for each African American to have freedom of speech .

Freedom of Speech is the right to freely express your self – encompassing all types of expression, including the freedom to create and distribute movies, take photographs, paint, write songs, make up dances, dress how you want and all other forms of expressive communication. These were already set in place. African American’s were able to sing dance and write songs during slavery. It wasn’t until the 1st and 14th amendment that African American’s understood that they were able to do these things and become rich and successful doing them.( I begin to feel like most Americans don’t understand the First Amendment, don’t understand the idea of freedom of speech, and don’t understand that it’s the responsibility of the citizen to speak out.)(a quote from Roger Ebert). Until African American American’s understood they had the right to do what they wanted as long as if was with in the means of the law they weren’t able to get the success they were due.

When they began to know they could be anything they wanted to be they used their freedom of speech to get into colleges. There was the Roger Ebert this helped children go to school. There was the Voter registration organizing this has helped for blacks to vote in every minor and major election. Having freedom of speech has helped open many doors for African American’s. ( )Freedom of speech is a choice to make people be responsible for their words and actions. It is not an opportunity to act as you want or to hurt others. It does not give you the right to do all you want to do. Being able to speak freely is important. Without our freedom of speech we cannot express our thoughts and ideas freely and openly. Everything we say and do will be watched some extent.

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