Freedom Fight Dred Scott vs Sandford

Harriet and their 2 daughters. In 1846, at that time slaves cannot be people (who lawfully live in a country, state, etc.) of the US, whether they were free or not. Although Dred Scott was (captured into slavery) he fought and sued for his freedom. Dred Scott was born around the 1800s in Virginia and his earliest owners were Peter Blow and Elizabeth Blow. The Blows moves to Alabama with Dred and a few other slaves. In 1830, they decided to give up farming, moved to Missouri opening a boarding house and took slaves, including Dred Scott.

Elizabeth died in 1831 and Peter Blow died a year later in 1832. Around the time of Peter’s death, Dred was sold to Dr. John Emerson a doctor (that operates on people) in the United States Army placed/assigned at Jefferson Buildings (where soldiers sleep), one of the Blow brothers said in court/gave proof in court that Dred was sold by their father.

But there are no legal documents, Henry Taylor Blow and the timeline shows that Dred was sold after Peter’s death.

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When Dr. Emerson moved with his unit to Fort Armstrong at Rock Island, Illinois, Scott was taken along. Emerson was mostly to buy Dred Scott in Saint Louis on his way to Illinois to act as a servant on his way to labor. A Lot of army members took slaves with them. US army for manual labor on a land claim, slaves cooked and did laundry, etc. Taking slaves to places where slaves have made illegal the Northwest Rule and the Missouri Agreement (where everyone meets in the middle).

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The Northwest Agreement (where everyone meets in the middle) (allowed (running from the law) slaves to go back to owners) was passed 1787, established a government Northwest of the Ohio River along with process for parts of the (land area owned or controlled by someone) could be admitted to the Union as states, ‘ There will be NO slavery and accidental/not by choice slavery, otherwise in the punishment of crimes (of what/of which/of whom) the party will have been duly convicted’.

Unlike the Missouri Agreement (where everyone meets in the middle), was passed 1820, allowed Missouri to be admitted into the union as a slave state, while Maine was also permitted as a free state to have a balance between slave and free states. Emerson is being sent to Saint Louis where slaves were (before that/before now) makes illegal under the Northwest Rule and were also mostly allowed when Illinois joined the Union in 1818. After 1848 there was a prohibition and stopped after growing and successful slave state in Military bases. Dred was the first slave Emerson (captures into slavery). Slave states had a whole system of social order that revolved around slavery and dedicated how whites and slaves behave around each other. Dr. Emerson was not from a slave state or family so he showed respects and kind, due to not growing up around slaves when he was young.

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