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Free Will vs Determinism Essay

Essay Topic:

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The debate, free will versus determinism, has been long debated for centuries. Free will is a concept that holds individuals responsible for the action and decisions of their lives. Adversely, other individuals believe one’s life is predetermined. For the purpose of this essay I will prepare dialogue between myself and philosopher Socrates. I will also define free will and determinism. The Dialogue XXXXXX: Determinism is interpreted as the philosophical theory or doctrine in which an individual believes that action from humans are unavoidable; occurrences in nature are more than likely caused by preceding events or natural laws.

XXXXXX: Free Will is the ability of humans to express freedom; freedom to make choices freely without the influence of others or nature; better said, as the ability to act freely within limits. XXXXXX: No. I do not agree that every event has an explanatory cause. I would like to think it’s fair to say not every event or situation warrants an explanation.

Let’s say, for example, God developed in mind or physically, Adam & Eve, also accommodated them a garden with every fruit, with the exception of forbidden fruits. In consequence, they disobeyed.

A fair argument would be that there is no way to argue an explanatory cause in connection with Adam’s & Eve’s selection; free will came into existence. XXXX: I’d say… birth, wedding and funerals would be examples of events… XXXX: Explanatory cause would suggest behind every event that occurs has an explanation; to persuade an explanation for why events happen. XXXXX: As referenced previously, I don’t agree with explanatory causes for events that happen in human life. Only selected events have an explanatory cause such as death, for example.

Death was already predetermined at which time man was created. XXXXX: Choices of humans is the ability to make sound decisions without influence, freedom of choice. In this day and age humans are held to the highest degree of responsibility for their own actions. Judicial systems have been put into place for this very reason. Events occur from human action or choices. Absolutely, Choice and events are completely different. XXXX: Absolutely not Socrates, It is not a known fact that every action has an explanatory cause is completed dependently.

Some actions may be simply due to determinism however, at the same instance may be in connection with one’s free will. Murder would be great example. This would be a solely act carried out by an individual; free will. XXXXx: Exempt from external authority, an individual’s will, unrestricted. Free. XXXX: Absolutely, why not; despite individuals having the freedom of choice, within limits due to higher existing authority. It’s reasonable to come to the conclusion that free will is not completely free, external influences do exist.

The two can coexist. XXXX: Possibly determinism but not internal free will. Free will cannot be classified as internal or external factors. In Conclusion, determinism vs. free will is a debate that has been debated over centuries. This debate will continue to obtain conflicting attention for many years to come from a variety of people. In this paper I have discussed briefly the definition of free will and determinism. I have also presented dialogue between the deceased Socrates and myself in attempt to shed more on this highly debatable topic.

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