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Free Will and Group Willing Addicts Essay

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Is everything determined by fate? In my opinion, not everything is determined by our fate. I believe this because we have options to choose from. According to Epictetus our priority “is to adjust our attitudes to the inevitable events that occur outside our control and just accept what happens. ” I agree with him because if it’s not in our control then we should just accept it. If it’s in our control we should consider all of our possibilities. Although, we will not know what really is “right”.

What are in our control are our opinions, desires, and pursuit. I think that what is right in the present might be wrong in the future.

Basically, my thoughts about fate are that there is no way we can change it. There might be times were we have different opportunities to take. Our destiny is our destiny, but sometimes we could control our actions. Some actions that we make can be either for the best or for the worse.

Determinism is the theory that everything happens for a reason. For example, “whatever in any given moment is the effect of some antecedent cause. ” If determinism is true then human actions are not free. A disadvantage to believing in free will is that not everyone makes right decisions. A free will is being able to decide.

People generally make decisions by influenced circumstances. As a result, it could bring a sense of regret of not thinking properly while making choices. Richard Taylor states that “there may be, to be sure, be other conditions for my responsibility, such as, for example an understanding of the probable consequences of my behavior, and that sort of thing. ” Free actions according to him arise from own desires, choices, and volitions. The body functions involuntary because the motions are not part of our behavior. Motions that occur from no causes have nothing to do with our behavior.

I personally believe that it’s not possible to live completely trusting in the hand of fate in every little thing. I believe that our destiny is on our way and it depends on what we could change things. For example, I’m choosing to type this essay. That is a free will. I could have ignored it. Sometimes we can change things in our present. I expect this will help in the future. I just think that it all depends, what situations we can change and the ones we can’t. Another thing that I think is our destiny is our death. “Death can’t be cheated. ” This popular quote shows that we will all die.

I think that at some point we do have a free will but not all the time. Free will and determinism are very different in my perspective. Why is believed by thinkers like Descartes that animals are basically machines (Or “automata”) but people are not? Who is more free, people slaying away in 9 to 5 jobs or wild animals? Are drug addicts or paralytics still “free”? And why are you wearing the clothes you are wearing? Was that a completely free decision? It is believed that people like Descartes think that animals are just machines, because they can’t speak.

Descartes says, “and this proves not only that animals have less reason than humans, but that they have not at all. ” For him, very little is required to learn to speak. He also thinks that animals are machines because they don’t have a soul. People are not machines because we have organs according to him. I don’t think animals are just machines. In fact they have their own language. Language is a way of communicating and expressing your thoughts. If a dog barks, other dogs will bark are examples of communicating. A person that has more than one job is more free than a wild animal.

A wild animal might have the opportunity to run in any direction he wants that doesn’t mean it’s free. An animal has freedom of action but not of will. At some point an animal has desires and it’s not free. A person even slaying away and maybe not having freedom still has the option to remain free. Another subject of freedom can be about drug addicts. Drug addicts even if the case is different they are still not free in my opinion. A person can have first level order or second level order desires. There are three groups of addicts. The first group, wanton addicts, have no second-order desire not to take the drug.

The second group, unwilling addicts, have a second-order desire not to take the drug. The third group willing addicts, have a second-order desire to take it. According to Frankfurt, drug addicts are still free due that there are different types of addicts. I’m wearing the clothes I want because it’s my choice. I decided that this is what I needed to wear today. It was not a complete free decision because the weather had part in this. It is hot and obviously I had to make some adjustments to what I need to wear. After all the decision of clothes I’m wearing was mine.

During New Year’s Celebrations, a reveler fires a bullet into the air. The bullet eventually comes down and kills a woman, an elderly grandmother who was looking for her lost kitten. “senor paw paw-paw. ” If you were a judge, what would you do to the shooter? If I was the judge of this case I would sentence the shooter for his culpability. Were his actions voluntary or involuntary? An involuntary act is those committed in ignorance, but it can easily be a voluntary act if he feels no regret. What were his intentions? An act is done in compulsion or ignorance. I would regard at the occasion when the act was performed.

Although there are more approaches I could take. I could also look at the definition of free will that Aristotle composed. “When the origin of anything is in the person himself, it lies with him either to do it or not to do it. ” In Louis Hope walker, punishment could be defined as evil, done as an offense, done to the offender, carried out by a personal agency, and imposed by an authority. Punishment is a technique of control that is justified as long as it prevents evil. Considering that it was a free will that means that he had control of his actions. If it wasn’t forced then it should be blamed.

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