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Free States V Slave States

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There have always been events in American history that increased tensions between free states and slave states.

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In the following essay I will go over three events that has caused problems between one other. The Compromise of 1850, Uncle Toms Cabin, and John Brown’s Raid at Harper’s Ferry I have chosen these events because these are the events that stand out to me when tensions between free states and slave states come to mind. The Compromise of 1850 included four laws.

California entered the union as a free state. A stricter Fugitive Slave Law requires that escaped slaves be returned.

Slave trade prohibited in Washington D. C. Popular Sovereignty vote of the people living in the territory. Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe was the best selling book of the nineteenth century. This book caused many to oppose slavery. This showed Americans what slavery has done and this book opened up northern eyes against slavery. This caused the Southern to be outraged because now they have to deal with all the negative northern remarks.

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The last event is John Brown’s Raid at Harper’s Ferry. In 1859 John Brown led a small group against a federal arsenal.

His plan was to seize the weapons and lead a slave uprising. Even though he was unsuccessful and was also executed he became a Northern hero. This incident increased the distrust that was already between the Southern and the North. In conclusion The Compromise of 1850, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and John Brown’s Raid at Harper’s Ferry are events that rose tensions between free states and slave states. The compromise of 1850 pleased no one. It cause northern in civil disobedience against the Fugitive Slave Law by protesting and helping slaves to reach the safety of Canada.

Uncles Tom’s cabin single handedly opened up peoples mind against slavery. This made people realize how horrible it is to take another mans freedom this caused problems for the slave states because now the free states wanted to get rid of slavery once and for all. John browns attack proved to the northerners anyone can make a difference if they believe slavery is wrong. This also increased Southern distrust of the North. These are the three events that stood out to me there are a lot more but these are the greatest disputes that effected North and South.

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