Free speech Essay Topics

Free Speech in Schools

The right to publish material on one’s My Space internet page is a constitutional right contained in the Bill of Rights. The right to free speech is contained within the first Amendment to the US Constitution one of the main Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights. The first Amendment provides as follows: ‘Congress shall… View Article

Perspectives on Free-Speech Zones on College Campuses

Naturally, many negative connotations come along with the term “free-speech zone. ” The wording alone automatically insinuates that free speech should not be allowed everywhere, which is hardly the true intention of the idea. Sometimes the right of free speech is taken advantage of; such as in certain rallies and protests, where disruptive noise, violence,… View Article

The Ethics of Hate

The First Amendment principles of free speech have been under attack since the Amendment came into being. The very nature of speech gives rise to argument because it is a personal undertaking; something that belongs to the individual alone. An individual’s beliefs can not be judged, and speech is an expression of those beliefs. Thus,… View Article