Free Shoes and Equipment for High School Athletes

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There are many pros and cons to this discussion. There are also different rules that must be followed. During the course of this paper, I will provide information for the reader to make their personal decision on the topic should shoe companies be able to give away free shoes and equipment to high school athletes.

Here are few topics that will be discussed, some kids are poor and can’t afford shoes and equipment, this could be used as advertisement for the companies, schools could also use this as a way to get more desired athletes to attend their school, students may feel to privileged and tend to not try as hard, the school district would be held by a legal binding contract to use only that one company, and the students wouldn’t have as wide of a variety of shoes to choose from.

Kids Who Can’t Afford Shoes vs Variety to Pick From

The kids who’s parents may not have a lot of money to get them shoes struggle with the pain of seeing their children worry about not getting to play.

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While the students who’s parents are able to buy shoes for their child leaves the child with less to worry about. Therefore if a company was to sponsor the school, kids with limited money would be able to get shoes and have less worries. Being sponsored by a company also means a contract has to be held therefore there may not be a wide variety of shoes to choose from when signing with a company.

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Since most companies are trying to push certain styles they limit what is provided to the school.

By companies providing shoes to schools it could be a good way to advertise for the company. Shoes being being worn by these athletes playing at high or low level could bring the company in more money and give the company more ways to commercialize how they distribute their product. With students having such easy access to these products it could limit their desire to play on a higher level. When people are just given things and items they become entitled. This could create animosity between players on the team, between the player and the coach, or even between the player and the shoe company if the player feels that he should be awarded with a better product.

If a student sees one school getting better products than another they may be more than likely want to go to that school or ask parents to transfer schools. By being sponsored can draw in desired athletes the ones who love the game and want to play. When the school chooses to work with a sporting goods company the school is required to work with only that company by the legal binding contract. “Schools receiving federal assistance must comply with the federal statutes and regulations when obtaining donations from sporting goods companies.” (Samuels & Galles) Since most school receive some type of federal assistance it is less likely that those schools will take part in receiving assistance from a sporting goods company.

In conclusion school districts that receive shoes or equipment could have a positive or negative affect. Being sponsored could play a big role in the school district or even a students life because parents could worry less about if there kid will have what they need for the sports their attending or not. It can also be the downfall because students will tend feel like they shouldn’t have to pay for what others are given. Also signing a contract and then someone having different thoughts in mind could break the school district and the companies bind.

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