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Remember when you had to pay to get the daily newspaper? Well now all you have to do is go online and the news is right there ready to be looked at giving all the news on celebrity gossip, what’s going on in your city, and so much more! But, is it really free? Most people would like news to be free and as citizens, it’s our job to stay informed from the paper or from being online. You shouldn’t pay for your news.

As citizens we should be able to get free news which, democratizes the world of information. We need the news so we can know what’s happening in our city, country, or even neighborhood so we can stay alert. So we need free news to democratize the world of information and lead us to a more informed global citizenry.

Everyone believes free internet news isn’t causing any harm to anybody. But, actually it’s destroying the fabric of journalism.

The whole entire purpose of reading the news is to get unbiased, relevant information that us citizens need to know. When people say that the internet news is free it’s not. In fact it has a cost that cost is having to watch or click on an advertisement which disrupts you from your time of reading or watching the daily news. The influence of advertising obliterates the purpose of getting unbiased, relevant, and important facts in what we read. Now we also need online news because, the world is always changing.

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We can’t stop it. So we might as well learn what’s happening so we can go on with life. And while there are drawbacks to the advertising influences in the internet news, we at least need to give it a chance. As life goes on there is a chance that we can work with internet news to where we can look at it without having to see all the advertisements.

So, someday we can make papers and online news that is free and high quality. My viewpoint on this is that we need both online news and paper news because, even though we pay in some way for them both, they both supply us with the information we need to know. The paper can give us the crimes that occurred and where, it can show us what jobs are in your area in case you need one, and it can show us if the stock market is going up or down in value. For the online news it can show you celebrity gossip and the weather. So, we need both paper and online news to stay on track with everything that’s happening and stay alert.

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