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Comparison and Contrast of Two Allen Ginsberg’s Poems
Words • 2915
Pages • 12
A review of the works of Allen Ginsburg, with a focus on the comparison and contrast of two of his poems, "Lysergic Acid" and "Mescalin" Bob Dylan once said, " Allen Ginsberg is both tragic and dynamic, a lyrical genius, a con-man extraordinaire and probably the single greatest influence on American poetical voice since Whitman." Helen Vendler voiced her opinion on Ginsberg, stating, " Ginsberg is responsible for loosening the breath of American poetry at mid - century....... Most of…...
An Explication Of William Carlos Williams’s “The Red Wheelbarrow”
Words • 723
Pages • 3
Usually, in interpreting a poem, one simply relies on the metaphors behind the words to find a meaning. Sometimes, however, the structure of the poem itself and the literal image which the words convey are already the meaning of the poem. The significance in the reading of William Carlos William’s poem, “The Red Wheelbarrow”, lies in the structure by which the poet arranges the words and the snapshot of the image which the poem describes. The entire poem comprises of…...
LanguagePoetryWilliam Carlos Williams
“The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams
Words • 589
Pages • 3
The short story titled The Use of Force by William Carlos Williams, a doctor tries to treat a young girl who refuses the treatment he offers. Despite the fact that her parents and the doctor make and attempt to reason with the girl, she continues to defy them in their efforts to help her. The reason this short story has become a classic, is because it illustrates what makes a hero. The fact that the doctor is determined to help…...
William Carlos Williams
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“Danse Russe” by William Carlos William
Words • 817
Pages • 4
William Carlos Williams' poem "Danse Russe," is written like most modern poetry, in free verse. Like nearly all of Williams' work, "Danse Russe" has no meter nor does it follow any rhyme scheme whatsoever. Disregarding an iamb or steady beat pattern, the poem's rhythm is organic, rather than metrical, meaning that the poem flows smoothly from one line to the next without any guidelines to follow. It is almost as if the poem is to be read as a small…...
PoetryWilliam Carlos Williams
“The Act” by William Carlos
Words • 1252
Pages • 6
I am an advertising representative from Zadina Corp. and have produced a brilliant idea for a new ad campaign for KaBloom, Ltd. It is our goal here to inspire, create, and produce exciting new advertising ideas for your company to grow and expand to its fullest potential. Keeping that in mind, we here at Zadina Corp. have taken a fresh and innovative turn for the best for your new advertising campaign. Our proposition is to take the simple, yet quite…...
William Carlos Williams
“Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” by William Carlos Williams
Words • 466
Pages • 2
The poem "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus", by William Carlos Williams, portrays in writing the painting by Brueghel. The piece depicts the Greek myth of the tragedy of Icarus, a boy who flew too close to the sun with wax wings and fell into the sea to his death. The poem has no set rhyme scheme or meter, an example of one of Williams' many free verse poems. After reading the poem many times, I started sensing a feeling…...
CulturePoetryWilliam Carlos Williams
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