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Nutritional value in eggs
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Eggs contain a good source of HBV (high biological value) proteins. Proteins are necessary for growth, maintenance and repair. This protein comes from animal sources. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, iron and phosphorous. Eggs are also yolk-rich source of Vitamin A, D and B (little or no C). Egg yolks are known to contain vitamin A which functions are to ensure good vision and normal growth and development. The egg yolk also contains vitamin D. This helps a…...
NutritionProteinVitamins And Minerals
Vitamin D Deficiency The Global Pandemic
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Pages • 6
Globally, there are approximately one billion people who have inadequate levels of vitamin D in their blood and this deficiency is found amongst all age groups and ethnicities. " A deficiency in vitamin D has been linked to several diseases including: common cancers, heart disease, bone diseases, and other chronic illnesses" (Holick & Chen 1). The promotion of protection from the sun in the United States and a substantial amount of other western countries has negatively impacted the amount of…...
BiologyHealthNutritionVitamins And Minerals
Nutritious Food
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Pages • 2
For good health, we need a balanced diet that gives us different nutrients in the amount our body needs. We must eat a variety of food because different foods have different combinations of nutrients. Therefore, nutritious food is needed in our food pyramid. Nutritious food is defined as food ingestion with the purpose of obtaining of them the nutrients that the body needs to preserve the health. Examples of nutritious foods are vegetables and fruits. They are rich in vitamins.…...
FoodHealthVitamins And Minerals
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Milk – Nutrition
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Got Milk? “Milk is a white fluid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals for the nourishment of their young, consisting of minute globules of fat suspended in a solution of casein, albumin, milk sugar, and inorganic salts” (milk). Humans have been consuming milk for thousands of years. As humans we usually consume milk beyond childhood getting it from our animal counterpart’s goats, sheep, and cattle, and using it as a food product. Nine out of ten of the…...
FoodMilkNutritionVitamins And Minerals
A Reaction Paper on Importance of Minerals
Words • 537
Pages • 3
Henry “Hal” McVey wrote a comprehensive article on the importance of industrial minerals in a typical first-world person’s life. I say first-world because not every single person in the entire world could relate to what he calls “a normal working day”. A working person in the Philippines could probably identify with some but not in all the routines. Nevertheless, McVey was successful in putting into light the many uses of non-metallic minerals in our everyday lives. He succeeded in providing…...
EnvironmentVitamins And Minerals
Malunggay and Spinach Herbal Plant
Words • 1243
Pages • 5
RATIONALE He gives us that vast goodness of nature and vegetation is among those. As man propagates for abundance; he deserves to harbour tremendous benefits from it. Man inhabited earth with all its richness laid before him. With his gladness, ingenuity and constant search for knowledge he discovered numerous ways to enrich his mind of endless ideas, body for health and longevity and spirit to fulfil his close relation with his maker and humanity. Thus, man discovers infinite ways and…...
Moringa OleiferaPlantsVitamins And Minerals
Are BHA And BHT Bad For You?
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Pages • 9
The foods we consume can have different kinds of compounds in them that we didn’t know about. These compounds added to the foods we eat are not always detectable. For instance certain compounds can be listed on the nutrition label and we can’t even taste or see them. Butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene, also known as BHA and BHT, are both phenolic compounds that are added to certain foods in order to preserve fats and oils. Even though these compounds…...
FoodHealthNutritionVitamins And Minerals
Chick Growth Enhancer
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Pages • 11
ABSTRACT The study is entitled “Aloe Vera as Chick Growth Enhancer”. Specifically, it sought to find out the efficacy of Aloe Vera as a growth enhancer in broiler chicks. The study aims to produce a low-priced but high quality growth enhancer by using Aloe Vera as a main component. Twenty-one day old straight run broiler chicks were used in the study and were distributed to a cage with a dimension of (33 x 57). The cage was further subdivided into…...
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Determination of riboflavin by using UV-vis
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Pages • 5
To determine the amount of riboflavin in children multivitamin tablet. 2. To compare the value obtain of riboflavin with the published value for the tablet. INTRODUCTION: Riboflavin also knows as vitamin B2 that has chemical formula of C17H20N4O6 is the water soluble vitamin that means the body was not stored them and also not produce them, the sources of the riboflavin can found in plants or animals tissues such as almonds, organ meats, whole grains, green leafy vegetables milk and…...
BiologyScienceVitamins And Minerals
Eating Healthy Foods
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Pages • 2
Eating provides your body with the nourishment it needs to survive. A healthy diet supplies nutrients (such as protein, vitamins and minerals, fiber, and carbohydrates), which are important for your body's growth, development, and maintenance. However, not all foods are equal when it comes to the nutrition they provide. Some foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are rich in vitamins and minerals; others, such as cookies and soda pop, provide few if any nutrients. Your diet can influence everything from…...
Healthy FoodOsteoporosisVitamins And Minerals
Food intake 3 day
Words • 949
Pages • 4
We’ve heard time and time again during our lives how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables or to have a well-balanced diet. We also know how hard it can be to ensure that you are eating enough of the right thing. Are fast food restaurants as bad as people make them seem? How do you know if your diet contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals? The answers to both of these questions lie in the results…...
FoodHealthVitamins And Minerals
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