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The Structure in William Faulkner’s a Rose for Emily
Words • 538
Pages • 3
A Rose for Emily is a short story by celebrated American author William Faulkner. First published in 1930. It tells the story of one small Mississippi town’s local recluse and is written in Faulkner’s signature non-linear style. 'A Rose for Emily' discusses many dark themes that characterized the Old South and Southern Gothic fiction. The story explores themes of death and resistance to change. Emily Grierson had been oppressed by her father for most of her life and hadn't questioned…...
A Rose For EmilyCharacterFictionShort StoryTim WintonWilliam Faulkner
The short story “The Test”
Words • 595
Pages • 3
The short stories "The Test", by Angelica Gibbs, and "The Water Was Dark And It Went Forever Down", by Tim Winton, explore interesting views on life. "The Test" deals with racism and how one black woman called Marian is failed on her driving test simply because the evaluator is racist. "The Water Was Dark and Went Forever Down" is not about racism, but challenges thoughts on living life in the same way as "The Test". The author's use challenging narratives…...
Short StoryTim Winton
Flannery O’Connor’s Characters Looking for Salvation
Words • 1672
Pages • 7
A discussion of how the author Flannery O'Connor uses violence to return characters in his works to reality and prepare them to accept their moment of grace Flannery O'Connor uses violence to return characters to reality and prepare them to accept their moment of grace. The New Encyclopedia Britannica defines grace as the "spontaneous, unmerited gift of the divine or the divine influence operating in man for his regeneration and sanctification" (401). At any cost, a soul must find salvation.…...
A Good Man Is Hard to FindCharacterGodKindredSalvationTheology
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Belonging is a state of being wherein individuals feel at ease with
Words • 1198
Pages • 5
Belonging is a state of being wherein individuals feel at ease with oneself, others and the world around them and, this state can be influenced by interactions with others. Isolation and alienation are common consequences of interaction with others as people and relationships mature and disperse over time, which is heightened during turbulent adolescent years. This complex battle between belonging and growth provides sustenance to the concept that by choosing not to belong, identity can be strengthened as it forces…...
MindsetPerceptionStateTim Winton
Banjo Patterson
Words • 650
Pages • 3
Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson was an Australian bush poet, Journalist and Author. He focused most of his poem’s on Australian life, in the particular area of rural and outback areas, mainly places like Binalong and New South Wales where he grew up as a child. He was mostly famous from poems including Waltzing Matilda, The Man from Snowy River and Clancy of the Overflow. Banjo was born on the 17th February 1864 in "Narrambla", near Orange, New South Whales. Banjo’s…...
Tim Winton
A Divine Image: a Direct Contrast to the Humanitarian Idealism
Words • 1089
Pages • 5
In his 1932 article, "An Interpretation of Blake's "'A Divine Image,'" Stephen Larrabee views the entire poem as a direct contrast to the "humanitarian idealism" (307) of "The Divine Image," with the author making direct line-by-line comparisons of the two. Not until 1959, however, does a critic actually examine Blake's "virtues of delight." In his The Piper & the Bard: A Study of William Blake, Robert Gleckner traces the psychological roots of each of those virtues, while asserting that Mercy,…...
IdealismPoetryTim WintonWilliam Blake
Time and Tide
Words • 261
Pages • 2
Time and tide, a feature article by Tim Winton expresses the concept of belonging though his reflection and strong connection with the sea. He tells of his belonging through many techniques such as similes, metaphors, repetition, accumulation, personification, first person persona, descriptive language, juxtaposition, the use of short sentence structure and imagery. The opening paragraph uses deep emotive language of his past in which “sustains a sense of childlike wonder” keeping the sense of belonging throughout his life. Imagery is…...
Tim WintonTime
Cloudstreet by Tim Winton
Words • 979
Pages • 4
How is your personal interpretation of Cloudstreet governed by its treatment of enduring values? Cloudstreet, a sprawling saga composed by Tim Winton, explores the enduring values of reconciliation, hope and the inevitable unity of family that forms the basis for our existence. Through the overarching techniques of context and the use of the Australian vernacular, Winton presents his nostalgia for the traditional Australian life, as well as encouraging the responder to consider universal issues which lie at the core of…...
Tim Winton
The texts, Othello by William Shakespeare, Big World by Tim Winton
Words • 962
Pages • 4
The texts, Othello by William Shakespeare, Big World by Tim Winton and my visual appropriation, have enriched my understanding of the outsider through a variety of language and visual techniques. Through the portrayal of Othello and Roderigo in Othello, the author in Big World and the outsider in my visual appropriation, the authors have conveyed the notion that outsiders will forever and always be outsiders. No matter how hard the outsider tries to fit in or deny their otherness, at…...
OthelloShakespeareTim Winton
Essay on That Eye, the Sky
Words • 1075
Pages • 5
The Novel That Eye, The Sky written by the Australian novelist Tim Winton is a novel about a little young boy named Ort who has a huge heart that prevails his family against hell itself. The story is about generosity, insight and creativity. This unique difficulties the readers on whether "households are actually worth the effort or not?" The response to this concern modifications with each individual's viewpoint. Families are distinctively essential to everyday life, everybody depends upon their families…...
EyeFamilyTim Winton
The Concept of Discovery
Words • 967
Pages • 4
"People do change - individuals, families, nations - and the pace of transformation need not be geological.“ "It's the pointless things that give your life meaning. Friendship, compassion, art, love. All of them pointless. But they're what keeps life from being meaningless. " Discoveries reveal once hidden aspects of ourselves and others - Discoveries that are acquired through struggle and adversity can provide a "unique" and lasting impact if the individual is receptive to these experiences Discovery of self can…...
My Favourite Tv Channel DiscoveryTim Winton
Use of magic realism within Tim Winton’s “Cloudstreet”
Words • 1483
Pages • 6
Tim Winton's Cloudstreet is a novel that fits into many genres, including that of family saga, gothic and magic realism. Although we can see evidence of all these in the text, it is the conventions of magic realism which work well in the creation of meaning and the formation of parallels between the society depicted within the novel, and a contemporary Australian. Some key elements of magic realist novels are that they include the use of fantastical elements, extensive use…...
MagicRealismTim Winton
Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet Analysis
Words • 1037
Pages • 5
The reading of belonging in Cloudstreet is one of the more apparent and dominant readings. We as human beings have an innate need to belong, which makes the reading all the more prominent for the reader. For Winton to put such a focus on belonging in his book, he must have struggled with belonging sometime during his own life. Although we are told that as a child he had a close-knit family where everyone belonged, no matter how strange they…...
Tim Winton
“Blueback” by Tim Winton
Words • 745
Pages • 3
Essay Question: How does Tim Winton use the elements of narratives to covey his theme? Have you ever read a story about a boy whose best friend is a fish? In Blueback by Tim Winton this is exactly what happens. Like in many of Winton’s stories Blueback is set in a seaside town in Western Australia. Winton uses the setting, characters, conflict and resolution to portray the message that we should protect the environment and not plunder the oceans for…...
Tim Winton
Words • 1394
Pages • 6
Cloudstreet: Religion and Spirituality | A Novel by Tim Winton| “From separate catastrophes, two rural families flee to the city and find themselves sharing a great, breathing, shuddering joint called Cloudstreet, where they begin their lives again from scratch. For twenty years they roister and rankle, laugh and curse until the roof over their heads becomes a home for their hearts.” (Winton, 1991) Tim Winton’s critically acclaimed novel, Cloudstreet is a masterful tale of love, meaning and heartbreaking tragedy that…...
Australian Identity
Words • 947
Pages • 4
The Australian identity is a diverse concept that has developed overtime through significant events in our history. As a result of these events, it is has established Australia into a multicultural society that now includes numerous new lifestyles. However, it is an evolving concept that is still becoming, as further cultures are migrating to Australia and introducing unique traditions to the Australian life. This idea is further explored in the poem ’No more boomerang’ by Kath Walker, which exhibits how…...
AustraliaIdentityTim Winton
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