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Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2006
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Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola have a long history of extreme competition given that 1950. Besides the CSD (carbonated soda) usage increase, it brought both Coke and Pepsi delighted in considerable profits development. In 2004, CSD has 52.3% of overall United States Liquid Usage. Coke and Pepsi had 22.1% and 14.4% in Net profit/sales respectively. There are 4 major participants associated with the production and circulation of CSDs: 1. Focus Producers (Coke, Pepsi, and others)). They blended raw product ingredients, packaged the…...
PepsiThe Unknown Citizen
The Unknown Citizen Explication
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Several conflicts are dramatized in The Unknown Citizen, the most prominent being: conformity of the middle class, government manipulation, and the loss of individualism to the standards of an average citizen. The speaker of this poem is non-traditional as the poem is, in fact, an inscription on a “marble monument erected by the State. ” The inscription is dedicated to a “JS/07 M 378”—presumably, “The Unknown Citizen,” although this term only appears in the title. The Unknown Citizen is essentially…...
PoetryThe Unknown Citizen
The Analysis of Unknown Citizen
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"The Unknown Citizen" seems to describe story about the Unknown Soldier, a term used to recognize people whose bodies are found after a battle but cannot be identified. This poem begins by the word “He was found by the Bureau of Statistics...” It is describing a person referred to as, simply, "He." We take this to be "The Unknown Citizen," which makes sense because his name isn’t known, the ordinary average citizen in the modern industrialized urban society who has…...
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Poetry Essay
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The three poems Remember written by Christina Rossetti, A Mother In A Refugee Camp by Chinua Achebe and Poem at Thirty-Nine by Alice Walker share the same negative theme of loss and separation. Remember explores the pain felt by losing loved ones. A Mother In A Refugee Camp emphasizes the relationship between a mother and her child living in a refugee camp. Poem at thirty nine is a poem about the reminiscences of a loved one. Remember expresses the pain…...
Christina RossettiPoetryThe Unknown Citizen
The Unknown Citizen essay
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Had anything been wrong, we should certainly have heard.(N) The Unknown Citizen was written by Wystan Hugh Auden in 1939. He was born in York, England, in 1907 and died in Vienna in 1973. The title of the poem parodies a marble monument which was dedicated for the Unknown Soldier that stands for the thousands of unknown soldiers who die for serve their country. “(To JS/07 M 378 This Marble Monument Is Erected by the State)” in the beginning of…...
PoetryThe Unknown Citizen
Efforts to Reduce the USA State Budget Deficit
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In view of these possible surprises, fiscal adjustment plans must thus be designed in a way that makes them sufficiently flexible to accommodate the impact of shocks, but also sufficiently resilient so as to preserve their medium-term fiscal consolidation objectives even when the underlying economic environment turns out differently than initially expected, Mauro (2011). According to Amacher & Pate (2012), between 1980 and 1993, budget deficits grew steadily in dollar terms, and the size of the national debt tripled. Since…...
National DebtStateThe Unknown CitizenUsa
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