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Ashoka Maurya’s Conversion to Buddhism: Effect on the History of India
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Ashoka Maurya was one of the most influential leaders in India's history. The British historian H. G. Wells in his work The Outline of History said of Ashoka, "amidst the tens of thousands of names of monarchs that crowd the columns of history... the name of Ashoka shines, and shines almost alone, a star" (94). Ashoka's eventual aversion to violence and war, his honesty in admitting his mistakes, and his concern for the welfare of his people not only made…...
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Hindu Religion in India
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In _Bhagavad- Gita_, dharma and karma are two controlling forces of the ultimate destinies of the people to preserve and conserve the Hindu social order. Arjuna, the protagonist, is torn between two choices, either to perform his dharma for the emancipation of the spirit or to fight against his kin that would probably result to evil karma. He belongs to a compelling position in the Hindu social order because of his birth and occupation, making him locked up from the…...
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