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“My Brother Sam is Dead” Novel Analysis
Words • 783
Pages • 4
In the novel, a prominent theme consistently intertwined is that war leads to multitudes of deaths, many of which are seriously gruesome. Kids, adults, and everyone alike are amongst inevitable savagery. To make matters worse, the violence is even coming from both sides of the conflict, affecting those both in and out of the war. The whole book is more or less, based on the brutality of the Revolutionary War between the Continental and British armies. In My Brother Sam…...
“The Crucible” Play Critique
Words • 1191
Pages • 5
The theme of the play centers around the ideas of Respect & Reputation. Specifically, the message the author is trying to get across to the audience is that the importance placed on Respect & Reputation within a society can sometimes be over the top and unreasonable to the well-being of an individual. Rather than focusing on other aspects of life such as family and friends, the characters in the play take an extreme approach toward gaining power through the Respect…...
Arthur MillerPlayThe Crucible
Existentialism and Character Development in Hamlet
Words • 872
Pages • 4
In the play “Hamlet” William Shakespeare uses the character of Prince Hamlet to pose conversant existential questions. Existentialism is defined as “a philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.”, this definition holds its validity when considering the ideas brought up in “Hamlet”. Existential philosophers since the late 17th like century Soren Kierkegaard have been studying questions like “How should we…...
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Comparison of Hamlet Play and Keneth Branagh’s Adaptation
Words • 1201
Pages • 5
One of Shakespeare's well known and widely read play of all time is Hamlet. This particular play has been adapted into movies by many directors but Keneth Branagh's 1996 version was a great achievement. This is because the movie is directed in a manner that the originality has been maintained. Yhe film is worth a watch as it is the first version that is uncut but is quite lengthy. The film which was directed by Kenneth Branagh is set in…...
Analysis of Play “The Crucible”
Words • 488
Pages • 2
Arthur Miller wrote the play, The Crucible, based on a true historical event that took place in Massachusetts Bay Colony that was known as the beginning of witchcraft in the year 1692 located in Salem. This play is a reflection of Miller’s interpretation based on a modern yet historically even that led to a tragedy later on. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller uses diction, figurative language and rhetorical appeals in order to convey the audience his message through the lens…...
Arthur MillerPlayThe Crucible
“The Crucible” Play Analysis
Words • 443
Pages • 2
In the playwriting The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller is a play demonstrating the importance of the Salem Massachusetts Witch Trials that occurred in 1692. Arthur Miller's motivations for The Crucible were persuaded by Senator Joseph McCarthy's examination concerning the conviction that communism was being spread. What had asked Arthur Miller to clarify such an event is the communism that had been going on in the period from 1950-1954 which got him to elucidate such a point. While throughout the…...
Arthur MillerPlayThe Crucible
“The Crucible”: John Proctor Character
Words • 551
Pages • 3
The Crucible, written by artuer Miller, revolves around many characters, but only a few of them help make up the whole story. The most and if not import character is John proctor, because the book revolves around him. John Proctor is the central character in which the drama of The Crucible revolves around. This primacy is helped by the fact that he has relationships with many of the other characters in the play. This charter is very import to the…...
Arthur MillerPlayThe CrucibleThe Crucible About John Proctor
What is the message of the play?
Words • 1422
Pages • 6
Gerald did not know Eva as Eva but as Daisy Renton. She felt that Gerald was interested and friendly towards her. She began telling him that she would soon have to leave the dingy back room, as she could not afford to keep it for any longer. They began to have a relationship and Gerald had to end their affair, as he had to go away on business. Gerald told the Inspector, she was very gallant about it, and she…...
The play “Willie Mossop”
Words • 541
Pages • 3
From this Act we also know that Willie is a very content character as he tells Maggie, "I've been at Hobson's all my life and I'm not leaving till I'm made." Maggie knows he is far better than working at Hobson's all his life, as she know he has the capability of doing a lot of things Willie would not even dream of. Then he tells Maggie "I'm not ambitious that I know of" which Maggie replies "You're a natural…...
A play Arthur Miller
Words • 488
Pages • 2
A few scenes later, Betty awakes at hearing the Lord's prayer and tries to jump out the window crying for her mother. She has been comatose for a while, to then to suddenly jump up and try and fly out the window whilst threatening and cursing adds lots of tension to the play. Abbey, very strictly, tells her that her mother is dead. Betty then yells, "You drank blood, Abbey... to kill John Proctor's wife! " clear example of the…...
Arthur MillerPlay
The play the “Odd Couple” by Neil Simon
Words • 833
Pages • 4
On the evening of November the eighth, I saw the play The Odd Couple, by Neil Simmon. The performance started at approximately 7:30 in the Centennial High School auditorium. The Centennial High School Drama Department performed this two and a half hour play. The level of performance for this play was amateur and the tickets were sold for five dollars apiece. There were two intermissions where the audience was able to stretch their legs and get something to eat or…...
At the start of the play Juliet is a Capulet
Words • 2096
Pages • 9
Introduction At the start of the play Juliet is a Capulet and she is quite a gentle person and she is a sweet young girl but when the story progresses she meets a young boy called Romeo and she immediately falls in love with him. When she finds out that Romeo is part of the rival family of Montagues and her character changes from someone who is loyal to someone who is self determined and eventually sacrifices her life for…...
PlayRomeo And Juliet
In The Silver Tassie. How does OCasey use the structure of his play in a powerful way?
Words • 778
Pages • 4
In The Silver Tassie" by Sean O'Casey is an expressionistic play that mainly focuses on the First World War, written in 1928, the extracts that I am examining are Extracts B1 and B2, these focus on two time periods from past to future renditions from before and after the war, it shows the contrast between life before and after the war, and how the main character Harry is portrayed by the life before the war where he is shown to…...
The play “Richard II”
Words • 2622
Pages • 11
In both plays then, we begin with our monarch and are fairly rapidly made aware of their awaiting fate, their downfall is a process of plots and campaigns against them which lead onto the third stages of the plays: the transference of power, the moment at which the two kings admit their downfall and hand over the monarchy to their successor. In Richard II it comes very soon after his fall began, he returns from Ireland (III. ii), is informed…...
PlayRichard Iii
The play ‘Shirley Valentine’
Words • 2497
Pages • 10
The play, 'Shirley Valentine', written by Willy Russell tells the story of Shirley Valentine's life, showing her character transformation from Shirley Bradshaw to Shirley Valentine, it is a play about a stifled middle-aged woman who finds relief abroad from her tedious, routine lifestyle in Liverpool. The dramatic techniques used by Will Russell in the play help the audience comprehend the importance of Shirley's transformation. In this circumstance, it's Shirley Valentine and her life. Other dramatic devices used are, voice over,…...
LovePlayWilly Russell
The play The Taming of the Shrew
Words • 1148
Pages • 5
Bianca is “more Shrew than She”. To what extent do you agree with the statement that Bianca is the real Shrew of the play “The Taming of the Shrew”? Casual observers of The Taming of the Shrew would most likely interpret the title’s subject- The ‘Shrew’- as an obvious parallel to the play’s protagonist. Katherina, to many, is regarded as the true Shrew of the play- When one observes her temperament and actions and the beginning of the play, this…...
PlayTaming of The ShrewThe Taming of The Shrew
Pay For Play
Words • 1042
Pages • 5
Pay for play in college sports has been a long-standing debate. The proponents of this argument like to claim that athletes should be paid because they are performing. Over the last decade, the debate and research of whether or not college athletes should be paid has intensified. Universities bring in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to their athletic programs each year. Many coaches earn at least $100,000 per year to coach one of the major sports like…...
No Direction Home Play Review
Words • 1933
Pages • 8
"No direction home" follows the story of three brothers and sisters, their estranged relationships and how they come to terms with the legacy of their parents' troubled separation when they were children. Now as adults the siblings are forced to address some unfinished business... The basic story line of the play was about Dee, Hal and Emily, how they were having great average lives as children at home. Dee was 10 years old. Emily was 16 years old. Hal was…...
Too Much Punch for Judy Play Analysis
Words • 1006
Pages • 5
The play 'Too much punch for Judy' involves two sisters, Jo and Judy also their mum-Vi and younger brother Johnnie. Jo and Judy are very close but one night after they had both been drinking, they had a terrible accident in which Jo died, leaving Judy who was driving to pick up the pieces which she doesn't do very well. For our first task we were asked to use still image to introduce the family, in the first picture set…...
How does Miller use Abigail Williams to Create Dramatic Tension in His Play?
Words • 524
Pages • 3
Abigail Williams is a young girl, who is fed up with the unexciting puritan life. She starts to seek out ways of breaking the rules, no matter what the punishment. One way of doing this is by having an affair with John Proctor, who is married to Elizabeth Proctor. The reason that all of the witchcraft rumours are started is because a group of girls are seen dancing in the woods, but Abigail uses these rumours to manipulate people into…...
Abigail WilliamsPlay
Measure for Measure-A Problem Play?
Words • 806
Pages • 4
Using only act 1 of measure for measure, describe the state of Vienna at the beginning of the play. What do you think of the situation of a) the duke, b) Angelo in this act? Although act 1 is a relatively short one, the audience is made aware of the current state of Vienna. In scene two Lucio, Gent 1 and Gent 2 discuss prostitution within Vienna. Shakespeare uses the three characters to transfer this information to the audience. We…...
Measure for MeasurePlay
Play – Lord Illingworth
Words • 1058
Pages • 5
Wilde uses a variety of techniques and language to present the end of the play as a gripping and critical climax as well as one that ties together the themes running through the whole play. Wilde's presentation of the characters of Mrs Arbuthnot and Lord Illingworth in the final scene is one of the main factors that makes the closing scene of the play a gripping and climactic one. The audience is given the visual impression that Mrs Arbuthnot is…...
Lady Anne – Play
Words • 518
Pages • 3
Richard III is supposedly known for his murderous yet manipulative ways. It is the character that has aroused many questions as to what type of personality he actually possessed. There are many words that could describe Richard III throughout this play. Yet Shakespeare wrote this play in the times of Queen Elizabeth, so as to how reliable they are as to show his true character, we cannot be certain. However, it is this play that outlines many of Richard's qualities,…...
Katherina and Bianca – Play
Words • 805
Pages • 4
"Katherina and Petruchio's marriage is stronger and more exciting than any other in the play. Though the shrew may be tamed, she is certainly not defeated". Do you agree with this view of the play? In 'Taming of the Shrew', Shakespeare is stressing whether marriages that have been arranged by parents are deemed to fall apart or make a marriage stronger as time goes on. Shakespeare also contends with the flaws in the dealings of marriage. Shakespeare puts an emphasis…...
PlayThe Taming of The Shrew
Journalists Play a Vital Social Role
Words • 938
Pages • 4
In Cynthia Carter and Stuart Allan's essay (Berry 2000) the question of this reliability is raised. They use the example of the Independent Television News (ITN) changes in formatting and news selection. They claim that to boost ratings, ITN has changed from being a reflection of BBC news broadcasts, which carry more political and foreign stories; to now mirroring its tabloid counterparts and focusing on human interest and crime stories. They cite philosopher John 'O'Neil who argued that this means…...
BiasJournalismNewsNews MediaPlay
Play “Earnest”
Words • 1632
Pages • 7
D In Earnest, mere characterization is used to convey a significant theme in this play. Two of the main characters, Cecily Cardew and Gwendolen Fairfax are characterized similarly by Wilde. This can be seen when Gwendolen says "we live in an age of ideals...says in expensive monthly magazines." She basically tells Jack, her "lover" that ideals come from magazines and not society itself. This makes her seem quite foolish and superficial, Wilde demonstrates the same superficiality with Cecily, where she…...
IronyPlayThe Importance Of Being Earnest
The Role of an Inspector in Play ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J.B Priestley
Words • 723
Pages • 3
It's his responsibility. Mrs. Birling's behavior to the Inspector is quite rude and also what she says. 'If I was, what business is it of yours? ' At this the inspector replies quite severely, 'Do you want me to tell you in plain words? ' This shows that he does not stand impertinent and arrogant people. The Inspector leaves Eric Birling for last, as he is the father of Eva's child. He had met her at the palace bar and…...
An Inspector CallsPlay
Gerald and Eric in Play ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J.B Priestley
Words • 1503
Pages • 7
"An Inspector Calls" is a play that is unusual in the fact that the setting of it never changes, with the 3 act play all set in the Birling's dining room. It starts off with the Birling family in the company of Gerald Croft, son of Sir George and Lady Croft, sitting at the table celebrating Sheila Birling's engagement to Gerald. All seems to be going well until the Inspector arrives on the scene and informs the family of a…...
An Inspector CallsPlay
In the first part of the play Abram and Sampson two servants are insulting each other
Words • 1808
Pages • 8
In the first part of the play Abram and Sampson two servants are insulting each other. Abram asks Sampson "Do you bite your thumb at us sir?" This is the modern equivalent of "Two Fingers" often referred to as the "V" sign. Sampson then quotes " No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you, sir, but I bite my thumb, sir. This is implying that Sampson does give the "V" sign but not at Abram. Benvolio then comes…...
PlayPlaysRomeo And Juliet
The Ancient Greek Play Hippolytus by Euripides
Words • 1374
Pages • 6
Hippolytus is an ancient Greek tragedy written by the playwright Euripides and was first produced for the City Dionysia around 428BC. What is somewhat unusual about this play is that it is in fact the second time Euripides has covered the myth of Hippolytus in one of his tragedies with the first play (known as the Hippolytus veiled) being an earlier work of his which is now lost. Although the play is simply called the Hippolytus the play fallows the…...
‘Educating Rita’ Play by Willy Russell
Words • 2053
Pages • 9
Educating Rita is a drama which was first published as a play in 1983, written by Willy Russell; subsequently, it was made into a film which quickly became a box-office hit. The play consists of a particular theme (education) and it explores the processes that inflict change upon the main character Rita. The content of the storyline was considered to be quite controversial and diverse for it’s time in that particular society. The Conservative party was presently in power and…...
MotivationPlayWilly Russell
The Play ‘Educating Rita’ by Willy Russell
Words • 3167
Pages • 13
Liverpool, in the 1980's was hit by a financial low point; with high rates of unemployment and thousands fleeing the city for better job and life prospects elsewhere. This coupled with rising tuition fees for universities, made it harder for people in the city to try and better themselves, especially the younger generation. Open universities as opposed to the traditional redbrick's, offered a cheap course - that you could study in your free time, mostly from home but still get…...
FrankensteinPlayWilly Russell
The Play East is East
Words • 1071
Pages • 5
The play East is East is set I Sanford 1970s prior to the Indian-Pakistani war over Azad Kashmir. In this play we get to explore the problems that George is facing as a Pakistani immigrant who had an interracial marriage, and how he tries to make u for it. We also get to know the consequences of George's actions to improve his Islamic status and how that effects the family. First of all we are introduced to the play by…...
Dramatic Tension in Miller’s Play
Words • 1014
Pages • 5
How does Miller create dramatic tension between John, Elizabeth and Abigail in Act 1, Scene 3 (pages 17-19) and Act 2 Scene 1 (pages 41-46) Tension is the most important thing in plays, films, books and all other types of entertainment. Dramatic tension can be established by conflict between characters and twists in the plot. It can be built up further by more of the plot unfolding, body language and movement of the characters. The strong religious society of Salem…...
Drama Review Of The Play ‘Bouncers’
Words • 1280
Pages • 6
The production we saw was made by the Hull Truck Theatre Company and was played at the Oxford New Theatre and was called Bouncers. This play was written and directed by John godber. This play was very naturalistic; it did not use any props apart from the handbags. This made the play more free flowing and was no long wait for set changes or costume change. The plot of the play was to explain what the nightlife of the city…...
ActorBody LanguageDramaPlayTheatre
Critical Review of the Duchess of Malfi Play
Words • 489
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Critical essays
The production of The Duchess of Malfi is a vibrant, swash-buckling Jacobean affair. It is appropriately seasoned to a modern audience by the use of ambitiously experimental sets and intermittently 'fine' utterances, subsequently giving more substance to what the characters say. As we uncovered the symbolic treasures of the play, it becomes richer, and the added use of stage directions, makes the production (according to TS Eliot), 'possessed by death.' Although I concur that without the addition of Bosola's soliloquies,…...
PlayThe Duchess of Malfi
Anton Chekhov’s Play The Cherry Orchard
Words • 2717
Pages • 11
'The Cherry Orchard is pessimistic in its analysis of social transition. ' Debate this statement in relation to the performance of the servants' roles in at least TWO scenes from the play. Anton Chekhov wrote The Cherry Orchard as a comedy, yet it has a duality with tragic elements as well. The Cherry Orchard is pessimistic in its analysis of social transition. This can be seen in the performance of the servants' roles. [H1] During the time Chekhov wrote the…...
Anton ChekhovPlay
A Play Be My Baby by Amanda Whittington
Words • 1253
Pages • 6
'Be My Baby' written by Amanda Whittington, and is set in the North in 1964, during a time when moral values and discipline were still an integral part of British society. Furthermore, the repression of women in everyday life was still existent and any evidence of blasphemy, disobedience or rebellion was strongly disapproved of. 'Be My Baby' is set in St Saviours, a mother and baby home, where young, pregnant, unmarried girls were sent to have their babies in seclusion,…...
PlaySocial Class
A Play Baal by Bertolt Brecht
Words • 879
Pages • 4
A review of a performance of the play "Baal" by Bertolt Brecht I saw a performance of Baal, written by Bertolt Brecht and directed by Evan Parry. The play was not an emotional play, but an intellectual play. It caused the viewer to think about the existentialist nature of Brecht1s writing and the underlying meaning of the play. Although I have studied existentialism and followed the play intently, I still could not fully understand what Brecht was trying to say…...
ExistentialismPlayTheatre Experience
A Live Theatrical Performance of Play Gagarin Way
Words • 1498
Pages • 6
Gagarin Way is a thoroughly enjoyable play. The style of the production means that it can be enjoyed on many levels, by a variety of people. On one hand you have the intellectual humour, dealing with current social issues, such as, existentialism, anarchism, anthropology, politics, globalisation, and nihilism, while also dealing with more down to earth issues, such as, mental illness, masculinity, psychopathology, suicide and global warming. Dealing with so many issues, it is quite hard to decide on the…...
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What is the message of the play?
...People like the Royal family, politicians, singers, actors, sports men and many other famous people, divide themselves from us. Three societies' exist today, the rich, middle class, and the poor. Didn't God make all people equal, so why has the world...
In The Silver Tassie. How does OCasey use the structure of his play in a powerful way?
...When surgeon Maxwell“ Now,now,Heegan-you must try to keep quiet” this shows that they didn’t listen when Harry was talking which contrast with the beginning of the play when he was the protagonist and everyone had his attention; O’Casey is tr...
How does Miller use Abigail Williams to Create Dramatic Tension in His Play?
...I think this is because Miller wanted you too really see Abigail's change in character, because it makes you question everything she says, and does, in the play. When people are talking in the play Miller leaves out the endings of some words, so when...

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