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Analysis of Novels of Rudolfo Anaya
Words • 3456
Pages • 13
Rudolfo Anaya born October 30, 1937, is often regarded now as one of the greatest authors in Chicano literature if not the best and rightfully so, with outstanding works such as Bless Me Ultima, Heart Of Aztlan, Tortuga and a series of compelling mystery novels as well as other stories reflecting himself. Each of these novels deals with and or either revolve around the problems of a young character most likely of Hispanic origin and or the book is showing…...
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Multicultural Novel: In the Time of the Butterflies
Words • 1128
Pages • 5
The novel “In the Time of Butterflies” is rich with Dominican culture and customs. Throughout the story we not only learn about their beliefs but also their government and how it affects their citizens on a day-to-day basis. The Dominican Republic is a vast region with many different customs and traditions and inspired the novel, “In the Time of Butterflies” while under the rule of dictator Rafael Trujillo. While their culture is very different than American culture, if you look…...
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“How to Read Literature Like a Professor” Book Analysis
Words • 1515
Pages • 6
Within the book How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster, Foster affirms that there are deeper literary meanings interlaced within literary texts. The author teaches the reader how to uncover those hidden truths by reading such texts with the knowledge and perception of a professor. Through Foster's help, the reader is able to identify and decode literary elements that are detrimental to the true meaning of a text that can easily be overlooked as having little…...
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How far and in what way does your reading of the novel support Tom’s view of Gatsby?
Words • 1036
Pages • 4
"A common swindler... I picked him for a bootlegger the first time I saw him". Gatsby is initially portrayed as a mysterious, romanticised character of great wealth. He is displayed as being ostentatious however no one appears to know anything about him, only rumours, "I heard he killed a man." Gatsby assumes everyone knows who he is. He holds company of friviolous, shallow people during his decadent parties; he however shows a certain gravitas unlike the other people at his…...
My Hobby Reading NovelsNovel ReadingThe Great Gatsby
Review On The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason
Words • 576
Pages • 3
I choose this book The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason because it sounds interesting and fun to read. It has sold over millions of books. To me, that sounds like a classic. My dad likes books on money management and recommended it to me. I like saving up my money because it's a good thing to do. It helps me know that as I get older the more you save the better you are off in the…...
Books And ReadingLiteratureNovel ReadingNovelsReading
Improving EFL Students’ Writing Skills Through Novel as Reading Material I Introduction Writing
Words • 1945
Pages • 8
Improving EFL Students' Writing Skills Through Novel as Reading Material I. Introduction Writing is one of the central pillars of language learning (Ariana, 2010). Someone will have a clarity and ease in communicate their message to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations if they can writing well. (Felix, 2018). Especially for EFL student, the purpose of learning a foreign language is to improve the learner's four skills (writing, listening, speaking and reading ) to achieve the…...
CommunicationCultureImproving Writing SkillsLanguageMaterialsMy Hobby Reading Novels
Stone Cold Authors Craft
Words • 1107
Pages • 5
Write an analytical response to the opening chapters of Robert Swindells' Stone Cold, with specific reference to the author's craft. Every novel needs an effective opening. If it wasn't any good, we probably wouldn't read the novel! How do authors try and make the opening paragraphs of their books effective? Writers try to hook the reader into reading their book, by making a strong narrative pull; they try to make the reader want to know "what's going to happen next?"…...
CharacterLiteratureNovel ReadingNovelsParagraph
Son Goku
Words • 315
Pages • 2
Goku, known as Son Goku (孫 悟空?) in the original Japanese-language version[1] and in the English language manga, is a character and the protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series written by Akira Toriyama. He is loosely based on Sun Wukong, a central character in the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West.[2] Goku is introduced as an eccentric, monkey-tailed boy who practices martial arts and possesses superhuman strength.[3] At first, Goku is believed to be an Earthling, but he…...
BooksCharacterChinaLiterary GenreLiteratureMartial Arts
The Mortal Immortal Novel Reading and Analysis
Words • 1435
Pages • 6
The Mortal Immortal is a romantic story. It is about a love affair but not a love affair that we would expect. The Mortal Immortal shows the difficulty of love. We see the harsh reality of love and what it can do to our character and at what lengths we will go to betray or be happy with somebody. Bertha is the cruel selfish wife of Winzy who is only in love with her and wishes to be not in…...
LoveMy Hobby Reading NovelsNovel Reading
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner
Words • 2711
Pages • 10
James Hogg’s literary masterpiece, The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, hereinafter referred to as Confessions, shows attention to the accuracy of the history of Scotland, the radical Scottish Presbyterianism of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, the Scottish countryside, and the city of Edinburgh intermingled with the narratives to create a compelling supernatural tale. I shall discuss how Confessions is distinguished by considerable doubling in theme and in form. The double narrative tells the story in two…...
Book ReviewHistoryHumanLifeLinguisticsLiterature
Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
Words • 489
Pages • 2
Vladimir Nabokov’s choice of subject in his novel Lolita shocked readers, but that was essentially why he chose it. Beetz, states that Nabokov’s first inspiration for the novel came from a newspaper story about an ape “‘who after months of coaxing by a scientist, produced the first drawing ever charcoaled by an animal: this sketch showed the bars of the poor creature’s cage’ Nabokov said. As many critics have remarked Lolita is not about sex but about love. Even more…...
Book ReviewBooksCharacterLiterary GenreLiteratureNovel Reading
Bildungsroman Siddartha by Hermann Hesse
Words • 390
Pages • 2
Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse aligns perfectly with the genre of a bildungsroman. Why? Because Siddhartha grows as a person from youth to adulthood throughout the story. He leaves his home looking for answers and experience trying to achieve Nirvana. Siddhartha’s unhappiness makes him leave on a journey looking for enlightenment. In a bildungsroman, the goal is maturity. Siddhartha matures throughout the story by experiencing everything he believed to be wrong in life. He takes a lot of decisions throughout his…...
Book ReviewBooksCharacterJourney Of LifeLinguisticsLiterary Genre
Handmaid’s Tale Novel Reading
Words • 1071
Pages • 4
Offred, in Margaret Atwood’s disturbing novel The Handmaid’s Tale says, “But who can remember pain once it’s over? All that remains of it is a shadow, not in the mind even, in the flesh. Pain marks you, but too deep to see. Out of sight, out of mind.” The society of Gilead causes the aforementioned pain and demoralization by using women’s bodies as political instruments. Similar to Atwood’s novel, today’s men put immense pressure on women to be a certain…...
My Hobby Reading NovelsNovel Reading
Two Minue Drill by Mike Lupica
Words • 1592
Pages • 6
"hello, this is jakob gonzalez. Today i will comment on Two Minue Drill by Mike Lupica. my focua will be to analyze the way the universal theme of dreaming represents Mike Lupica's view of life as nobody is perfect.The view of life is established by Mike Lupica's effective use of conflict resoltion, and character development. Pior to my analysis i will provide you an overview of my text. I will now summarize the main literary features of the novel Two…...
Book ReviewBooksCharacterCharacter TraitsConflictDevelopment
The Remains of the Day
Words • 984
Pages • 4
Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day is an intimate portrayal of an utterly English butler through his methodical ruminations on the subjects of greatness and dignity. Stevens, the aging butler of Darlington Hall, performs his job with selflessness and a ruthless suppression of emotion. He is unsentimental, stiffly walking through job and life like an automaton. He presents himself, perhaps unknowingly, as glacially reserved, humorless (when the new owner of Darlington Hall takes over, Stevens finds himself having to…...
Book ReviewBooksCharacterEmotionHumanLife
How Stevenson Uses Descriptions of Scenery?
Words • 2884
Pages • 11
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson was first published in 1886. The themes involved in Stevenson’s novella, good and evil, the primal, animal side of human nature, morality, shocked its strict, righteous Victorian audience. The Victorian society was intent on repressing thought and behaviour that could be considered animal. At least, this was the culture on the surface; taking a look into the underground society shows the immediate balancing side to the strict…...
Book ReviewBooksCharacterHumanLiteratureNatural Scenery
Importance of Reading for Students
Words • 569
Pages • 3
Importance of Reading for Students and Learning English On many of the other pages of advice on this site I have emphasized how important reading is as far as learning English is concerned. However, there is a further, very important reason why ESL students should try to develop their reading skills: Educational researchers have found that there is a strong correlation between reading and academic success. * In other words, a student who is a good reader is more likely…...
English LanguageJoy Of Reading BooksLiteracyNovel ReadingThe Importance Of Books
Paradise of the Blind
Words • 389
Pages • 2
How was tour understanding of the cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral? 'Paradise of the Blind' is a novel my vietnamese author 'Duong Thu Huong'. It is a very controversial novel as it highlight sensitive social issues about Vietnam. It is the first novel that gives us a vivid image of the sociological change that was taking place in Vietnam in that time period. The interactive oral was really helpful to me as it…...
Book ReviewBooksCharacterHumanLifeLinguistics
Tess of the D’urbervilles Novel Reading and Analysis
Words • 2806
Pages • 11
The text under analysis is a novel entitled "Tess of the D'urbervilles". It comes from the belles letters style,sub-style is emotive prose. It has the functions of this design: Authentic imagery accomplished by meaningful gadgets. The usage of words in contextual and more than one dictionary least affected by the lexical environment Strange individual selection of vocabulary and syntax showing individual examination of things or phenomena "Tess of the D'urbervilles" is a victorian, tragic, didactic unique teaching the reader a…...
CultureMy Hobby Reading NovelsNovel ReadingThomas Hardy
Novel Reading of The Pact by Sampson Davis
Words • 818
Pages • 3
“The Pact” is a piece of nonfiction by Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt it’s about three people grew up in the intercity and made a pact to go to college and become doctors. The theme of “The Pact” is loyalty because the novel demonstrates that quality in many ways. Being loyal means that you don’t turn your back on your friends, and that you will accept your friends for who they are and what they do. If someone…...
My Hobby Reading NovelsNever Give UpNovel Reading
Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing Novel Reading
Words • 994
Pages • 4
In this excerpt from The Crossing, by Cormac McCarthy, the subject has killed a wolf and is presently brooding over his feelings regarding the fallen creature. His thoughts are displayed in a rather convoluted manner, many of which offset one another, and can cause confusion for the reader. Fortunately, through the usage of diction, syntax, and imagery, McCarthy helps to convey the impact that the experience of the situation has on the main character. Diction plays an enormous role in…...
My Hobby Reading NovelsNovel Reading
Looking For Alibrandi Novel Reading
Words • 496
Pages • 2
One of the most significant relationships in the novel is between Josie Alibrandi and John Barton. The relationship changes in various ways at different stages. It's through this relationship that Josie learns much more about what is important in life and learns to accept her identity. Initially they were the best of friends, but Josie wanted to be with John Barton because she thought he was the best man she would ever meet. She sees him as an upper class…...
My Hobby Reading NovelsNovel Reading
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Words • 600
Pages • 3
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close encourages us to closely examine the time we have in our lives. We never know when the last time we will be seeing someone will be, we must be responsible with how we spend our time and we are responsible for the way we treat people. The message that is conveyed to me an abundance of times is to not take advantage of the time you have, because it flies. This is represented on the…...
Book ReviewBooksBooks And ReadingCharacterCritical ThinkingExtremely Loud And Incredibly Close
Fight Royal by Ralph Ellison
Words • 1214
Pages • 5
Ralph Ellison's Fight Royal supplies a reasonable viewpoint of a Negro man striving to live in a nation controlled by white supremacy. The story speaks of the disputes between the white and blacks as well as the conflicts that occur within the storyteller and himself. Fight Royal looks like a black male's place in society, the American Dream, and using meaning to communicate this idea. Ellison utilizes signs and images to engage the readers by bringing them to a time…...
Battle RoyalBook ReviewBooksCharacterDiscriminationLinguistics
Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park
Words • 783
Pages • 3
What does Abigail learn about the importance of the family? Discuss how Ruth Park represents her characters and ideas about the family using (3) novel and language techniques In the novel Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park, the protagonist Abigail learns about the importance of the family. She is a headstrong fourteen-year old girl who has had troubles in her own family, but when she is transported to the Rocks, 1873, and meets the Bow family, she realizes her selfish…...
An Interesting Book I ReadBook ReviewBooksCharacterFamilyForgiveness
Noli me tangere reflection
Words • 277
Pages • 2
Noli Me Tangere. It is a novel written by Filipino writer and national hero Jose Rizal and was first published in 1887 in Berlin, Germany. This novel was written to remind us the bad things that Jose Rizal experienced during his time by the Spanish. From the very start of this novel, the first plan of our national hero is, to write this novel with the help of his countryman that is also suffering to the hands of the Spanish,…...
Novel ReadingWriter
Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell
Words • 643
Pages • 3
The book deals with social insecurity, racial prejudice and the rule of the consecutive church in a small town. Beka's best friend Toycie Qualo is older than she is, being 17 at the time when Beka was 14, and in her last year of school gets herself expelled when she gets into a situation where she becomes pregnant by her boyfriend Emilio Villanueva, and dies after a miscarriage and a short space of time in the local asylum nicknamed "Sea…...
Book ReviewBooks And ReadingChurchFamilyLifeLinguistics
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How far and in what way does your reading of the novel support Tom’s view of Gatsby?
...I believe to some extent that Gatsby is a "common swindler", he advocates his politeness and sense of importance and class however is association with crime means that other characters stereotype him as someone from the lower social strata. Gatsby is...
How Stevenson Uses Descriptions of Scenery?
...The way that Stevenson concludes his fictional exploration of the duality of human nature, showing that it is not possible to separate the two sides and keep them both satisfied, would, at the time it was written, possibly have unsettled society even...

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