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Geometry and Mathematics in Architectures
Words • 2220
Pages • 9
Abstract Mathematics and architecture are related. In the past, architecture was a part of mathematics and architects who constructed those architectures we still marvel at today were also mathematicians. Furthermore, lots of magnificent buildings in the past contained or was build based on mathematical models. Understanding how mathematical knowledge has helped the construction of buildings in life since many yeas ago can help people be aware of the importance of mathematics and motivate their passion towards mathematics. The approach of…...
ArchitectureGeometryMathMathematics In Science
Derivatives In Economics
Words • 697
Pages • 3
These days, the dynamic in financial matters has gotten increasingly scientific. Measurable and scientific standards are applied in settling on choices with respect to conceivable increase or misfortune in speculation. Faced with huge factual information, subject to loads of factors, there was a need of some device that could help the examiners. Here, math end up being helpful. It actualized the subsidiary ideas to foresee the consequences of various venture prospects. At last, this empowered the experts to choose the…...
EconomicsMathMathematics In Science
Mathematical Techniques in Astronomy
Words • 1881
Pages • 7
The fascinating mystery of the universe has continued to intrigue scientists and the mathematical application to the puzzle is crucial to astronomical knowledge. A series of formulas define concepts of gravity, light, stars, and cosmology, therefore it is crucial for astronomers to understand the complex mathematics of their studies. Astronomy has a long and intricate history that dates back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia when mathematics was first applied to astronomy as lunar calendars were created and an accurate prediction…...
AstronomyMathMathematics In Science
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Role of Science and Mathematics
Words • 731
Pages • 3
Science is a deliberate investigation of the structure and conduct of the physical social and the normal world through perception and analyses, meanwhile, mathematics is a gathering of related sciences, including variable based geometry and analytics, studying about the investigations of numbers, amount, shapes and their interrelationships by utilizing a specific notation. The result of creative energy and imagination, especially in a physical frame. An artistic creation, showy execution and a model are each a case of craftsmanship. This essay…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathMathematics In Science
The Universe Is Made Of Mathematics
Words • 1001
Pages • 4
It is often heard that mathematics is a very difficult subject for most of the pupils or students for ‘not understanding' a particular lesson discussed by the teacher and making their student's life miserable. This has been going on for several generations and it is not subject to the current generation alone. The struggle between teachers and students is unlikely to end anytime soon. Students are often stereotyped mathematics, who gives already their judgment without putting in an extra effort…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathMathematics In ScienceMaths In Our Daily Life
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