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How My Interest in Mathematics Led Me to Career in Engineering?
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From a young age, my favorite subjects have always been mathematics and science. I discovered my true passion when I was in elementary school when our science preceptor gave us a project for winter break, to make an electric circuit. I vividly remember I was very excited. When I return home, the first thing that came to my mind is to build something that can fly. So, first, I made a rough sketch of my imaginary model and planned which…...
Career AspirationsMathematics In Real LifeMy Interest In Mathematics
The Importance of Maths in Our Daily Lives
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What does math mean? Mathematics in the dictionary is 'the science of numbers and space' or 'Mathematics is the science of measurement, quantity, and magnitude'. Math helps us solve problems. The reasoning is our ability to think logically about a situation. We use math in many ways for example telling time, with your finances, Building structures. Telling time is one of the most used math in society. Is what everyone in the world uses every second. Knowing math especially knowing…...
Importance Of MathematicsMathMathematics In Real LifeMaths In Our Daily Life
Why Maths is Important in Daily Life?
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In today’s society, math allows all things to work properly and fluently, from cooking your favorite meal to paying your monthly bills. Math gives society the ability to think critically in their everyday lives. Any and everything that society does on a day to day basis involve or is orientated around math, from balancing our everyday lives, to the jobs we work, and foreseeing analytical research needed to balance the world. In the personal lives of society, math is used…...
MathMathematics In Real LifeMaths In Our Daily Life
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How My Interest in Mathematics Led Me to Career in Engineering?
...To achieve my goal, I commence to challenge myself academically by taking the hardest STEM classes offered in my high school, which include Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Studying mathematics at high school gave me a brief prelude to advance ma...
Why Maths is Important in Daily Life?
...In conclusion, math is one of the most important universal enhancements over time that made us into the society that we're in today. We are constantly using its many fields and equations in all aspects of our life, from managing our everyday life at ...

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